LIST OF 150 ALL TIME GREATEST ROCK SONGS - UNIQUE COMPILATION IN THE WORLDusedLIST OF 150 ALL TIME GREATEST ROCK SONGSOffering for sale a unique in the world memorabilia music item titled: "MY 150 ALL-TIME GREATEST ROCK SONGS" that was compiled by myself during several months with dozens of hours put for the r...100.00


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Offering for sale a unique in the world memorabilia music item titled:


that was compiled by myself during several months with dozens of hours put for the realization of this very special and original project.


1.   as the title says, the list contains 150 distinct songs covering the 50s-90s era with the oldest song from 1955 and the newest one from 1993.

2.    the selection was made starting with a total of about 1,000 songs (chosen out of a few thousands), then 500 eliminated, then 200 more eliminated, then a third and last elimination of 150 songs with remaining ones of 150 songs featured in the final list.

3.   the songs selection was based on seven filters or considerations, as follows: originality, uniqueness, composition (merit), rendition, sound, relevance, legacy - and not based on popularity, top hits, reviews.

4.   there are 2 songs on the first place, 3 songs on the second place, and
145 songs on the third place with one, maximum two songs allowed per
artist. All songs included in the respective three ranks are equal as value and
importance as the order number used is irrelevant - such as the song numbered
145 has the same value and rank as the song numbered 20 for those included in
the third place.

5.   the represented music genre is rock with sub-genres as follows: early, modern, psychedelic, progressive, art, glamour, punk, classic, hard, metal. Also, there is a novelty rock song included (by Napoleon XIV) and a boogie blues-rock song
(by Cactus). All songs are vocal (in English) and instrumental. Some songs
contain elements of beat, jazz and blues - still rock songs overall.

6.    the featured artists are mainly from U.S.A. and U.K. plus a few ones from
Germany and The Netherlands.

7.    for some renown artists and their songs not featured in the list I simply couldn't choose one since some artists failed one or a few of my criteria (such as for Van Halen due to their mediocre vocal rendition, U2 due to their mediocre arrangements, Rush due to their songs similarity or lack of relevance, and so forth).

8.   the list contains 4 pages with the first and the fourth ones shown in the two enclosed photos. Each set shall be printed as an original set and signed by the author before being mailed out.

Essentially, this compilation list contains the rock songs that impressed me
the most where all 150 selections passed at least five filters considered while
one-third passed all seven criteria.

The process of selection was personal, subjective and quite stressing and heartbreaking but I believe that I finally compiled the finest such list in the world. I didn't see yet a better similar list surpassing mine.
As for myself, I was a musician until 1975 (playing classical piano for 9 years, 2 years drums, and 10 years guitar) when I had to give up to a possible musical pop-rock career independently of my will. I have also been a music lover, record collector and music scholar since 1963 until present time.

I am asking a reasonable compensation to cover my dozens of hours of time
put into this project (identification, research, auditions, comparisons, re-auditions, revisions, compiling, and so forth) and nothing for sharing my knowledge in this music field.

FREE SHIPPING for U.S.A. buyer (via Priority Mail) and international buyer (via Airmail).

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