Von Gaylord AudioReturn Of The Legend SpeakersusedRARE: Von Gaylord Audio Reference Speaker (Return Of The Legend Mk2 + VG-1) / Handmade in USARarely on sale, a pair of Von Gaylord Audio's Reference speaker system (latest generation):* Return Of The Legend Mk2 speaker ($19k new) * VG-1 Low Frequency Extension/Bass module ($6k new)* Custom...3450.00

RARE: Von Gaylord Audio Reference Speaker (Return Of The Legend Mk2 + VG-1) / Handmade in USA [Expired]

no longer for sale

Rarely on sale, a pair of Von Gaylord Audio's Reference speaker system (latest generation):
* Return Of The Legend Mk2 speaker ($19k new) 
* VG-1 Low Frequency Extension/Bass module ($6k new)
* Custom Sound Anchors 3 post stands to fit the speaker system
* Option to add Von Gaylord Audio Legend 4 tri-wire speaker cables (silver + gold, 10 ft, $3k new) for $950.

Some salient features of the speakers:
* Focal drivers and pure silver and gold internal wiring
* Cabinets have a high gloss finish (~3mm of clear coat) over a beautiful red mahogany veneer
* Handmade in California
* Sophisticated time alignment design that also results in an aesthetically pleasing pyramid shape
* 90 dB/watt/meter efficiency; extremely easy to drive
* Lush and captivating mid range. See reviews below.


System was bought directly from Von Gaylord Audio after hearing them at the 2016 California Audio Show (where they won best room). It was a demo system that had toured the globe and acquired some battle scars (3 dinged corners, 2 scratches on the top and 1 nick on the tweeter surround). For a 60% discount, it was worth it, since the cosmetic issues are not apparent from sitting distance. Also, Von Gaylord Audio refurbed the electronics and extended a 3 year warranty. It is therefore conservatively rated as 5, though it should pass as a 7.

Custom Sound Anchors 3-post stands were purchased for $1200 (and are included with the sale along with spikes). They add a lot to the imaging capabilities of the system.

A 10ft run of Tri-Wired Legend 4 speaker cables (silver and gold) were also purchased from VGA ($2995), and can be included for an additional $950. (The sheer amount of precious metal in these cables alone is worth more than that. For context, 80 ft of 18awg Neotech silver wire will set you back $1900)

There are 6 boxes, so shipping can either be via FedEx small package or via freight on a single pallet based on your preference. I will cover any shipping expense above $250.
Priced aggressively so it can find a new home soon. I am trying the other end of the speaker spectrum with Magico.
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