Classe AudioCA-5200usedClasse Audio CA-5200 (Original Owner)5 x 200w of pure class A/B amplification. I bought this unit in Dallas from Modia, now out of business and at the time, a certified Classe dealer. This is a one-owner, smoke-free unit. It has nev...3450.00

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Classe Audio CA-5200 (Original Owner) [Expired]

no longer for sale

5 x 200w of pure class A/B amplification. I bought this unit in Dallas from Modia, now out of business and at the time, a certified Classe dealer.  This is a one-owner, smoke-free unit.  It has never been rack mounted and is in perfect working condition. 
Always controlled by my Classe, SSP-800.  I have upgraded to a CA-5300 as you can see by my high rating from the seller on audiogon. Serious inquiries only. Original packaging included and will ship double boxed if local pickup in San Francisco is not available (preferred).
   From Classe:

"The CA-5200 is a 5 x 200W model, based on the same channels used in the CA-2200. Power supply components are large enough to allow for the greater power demands of five channels without sacrificing performance. Design features include balanced circuitry, overbuilt power supplies and oversized output stages to ensure the highest performance at every output level, with any loudspeaker."

Click here for a PDF copy of the CA-5200 Owner's Manual

From a review written by Jerry Del Colliano from

"Receivers are for bedrooms. In a true high-performance, audiophile-grade theater, you need real power to move some air with your speakers, meaning that even if you have a pair of your favorite monoblock amps perched on a slab of granite, you still have five more channels of audio to power. That brings me to the $8,000 Classe' CA-5200, one of the most refined, powerful and graceful multi-channel amps to ever grace my equipment rack.

- The fit and finish of the Classe' Audio CA-5200 is breathtaking. One look in person (or even at the photos) will reassure you as to why this is one of the best options in the world of audiophile amplifiers. This is an amp you buy and keep for the rest of your life; you may even put a provision in your will for it. It's that good and will last that long.
- No multi-channel amp looks better in a custom rack than Classe'. Arguably, no large-scale class-AB amp runs cooler in a rack, either."

(end of review)

Upon close inspection, the unit shows light wear and some nics on the bottom edge (see photos).  I didn't notice these until I inspected the unit for sale..  
Also, has light buff marks on front left and right. (not easily noticed if not looking for them.  Please see photos).  I was torn about listing this unit as a "7" instead of an "8" per the strict Audiogon listed standards.  It was always a "10" for me.  =-)   
This is a beast of an amplifier and I like the way this one clicks on in 5 stages vs the 1 click "woosh" noise of the CA-5300 I own now.  Fantastic for active stereo listening and also for the full Dolby/THX 5- channel listening experience.      
I love the design and performance of this classe line, and that is why I'm sticking with it, keeping my SSP-800 with the new amp.  I'm sad to see this one go and the new owner will be very happy with it.
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