Sonus FaberStradivari HomageusedSonus Faber Stradivari Homage - demo pair, Franco Serblin's magnum opusThis speaker is Franco Serblin's magnum opus. A demo / left over pair from the former Polish Sonus Faber distributor. "The Stradivari is one of the world's great speakers. (...) With extended, fre...19900.00

Sonus Faber Stradivari Homage - demo pair, Franco Serblin's magnum opus

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This speaker is Franco Serblin's magnum opus.

A demo / left over pair from the former Polish Sonus Faber distributor.

"The Stradivari is one of the world's great speakers. (...) With extended, free and fluid bass  complemented by a linear, smooth and naturally balanced midrange, the output continues to a sparkling, delicate, airy and extended treble. Resolution and transparency are consistently very high over the whole range. The speaker also conveys a sense of scale and natural dynamic range that is rare in a business. While it is fast and well timed for rock it is with classical material that it excels. Indeed, I have rarely heard such a convincing presentation of a full orchestra - an inspiring achivement. Here the Stradivari transcends the machinery of audio and manages to convey the soul of performances."
- Martin Colloms, HiFi News

"The best vocal reproduction I've ever savoured, bettering in detail, warmth and clarity the BBC LS3/5a, ribbons and ESLs - even the Stax headphones."
- Ken Kessler, HiFi News 

"Those georgeous speakers from Sonus Faber's Franco Serblin have the most beautiful string tone Jonathan Valin has heard in a loudspeaker. Sweet and rich on classical music, voice and small scale jazz and folk, they are equally sensational on large scale music, thanks to their extraordinary deep, full, well-defined bass, and authoritative midbass. Sensationally detailed and dynamic from top to bottom, they are a bit to the warm side of neutral. One of the best speakers JV has auditioned." - The Absolute Sounds, Editor's Choice

"Expensive, exquisitely built, with high-quality drivers and crossover components, and superbly finished with a stylishness of which only the Italians seem capable, Sonus Faber's Stradivari Homage is, in my opinion, the finest loudspeaker Franco Serblin has designed, and the most accomplished his company has built.(...) The Stradivari is in some ways old-fashioned in its emphases on the music's physicality and weight, on harmonic richness over resolution of inner detail, and on ear-popping 3D imaging, which has become a fixation among designers—probably, in part, in an effort to create a compelling "picture" to compete with video (call me crazy). Yet the Stradivari also resolves detail and delivers microdynamics, allowing the listener to hear the very last drop of decay and the lowest-level musical gestures with great clarity and without compression. Its balance is notably rich in the midrange, but with its prodigious and well-controlled midbass and low bass and its clean, smooth top end, the sensation of having everything in good balance is achieved with ease."
- Michael Fremer Stereophile

Full review:

They were $40.000 when first introduced in 2004, and the last MSRP back in 2018, when they have been discontinued, was $60.000. 
Never sold to any end user. Always kept in a distributor's studio, with no acces of sunlight (the studio is in a basement; no sunlight = no UV = no aging and no discoloration due to sun). They have very little hours and have been boxed for the past few years. They look basicly brand new - the drive units look brand new, there is ZERO discoloration on the wood (remember - the last time those speakers have seen the sunlight have been in SF factory in Vincenza!). 

They come in original boxes with all packaging. No warranty though, as the distributor is now defunct.

All enquires welcome and will be answered in full.


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