SonyPS-X800usedSony PS-X800 Linear Tracking Turntable - Like New In Box!**Please click here to check out our newly launched SkyFi Audio website with additional items for sale** It's really hard to tell whether this PSX-800 was ever used to actually spin some vinyl. Dur...2450.00

Sony PS-X800 Linear Tracking Turntable - Like New In Box! [Expired]

no longer for sale

**Please click here to check out our newly launched SkyFi Audio website with additional items for sale**

It's really hard to tell whether this PSX-800 was ever used to actually spin some vinyl. During our unpacking, it sure seemed like it may have been the first - or second time.

We suspect someone else may have beat us to it since it already had a cartridge installed and calibrated, and it would be difficult to do this properly while still in the box. So is this NOS (New Old Stock)? You be the judge by looking at the pictures.

This is most likely the ONLY NOS (New Old Stock) PSX-800 on the market and is priced accordingly. So if you're looking for a bargain you'll to take your chances on eBay :-)

The PSX-800 has a loyal following and is in near the top of the list for Sony turntables. The only better ones were studio models.

As you can see from the pictures all the packaging and protective bits are in place. The dust cover looks brand new and there isnt a fingerprint anywhere.

We didn't want to disturb the contents so we have not tested it. If you're a collector and will be putting away in a closet for prosperity, it's probably best we leave it alone.

If you're an audiophile and would like to enjoy this beauty, simply let us know after your purchase and we'll fire it up and calibrate the included cartridge (or a different one of your choosing). Heck you can even send in your favorite cartridge and we'll get it fully setup using our top of the line turntable calibration station.

Included in this listing is every single bit that would have come from the factory new, and a bonus super capable and period correct Signet MR 5.0 cartridge that is new. 

More on this 'table from Sony:

The Sony PS-X800 features a unique servo controlled linear tracking tonearm designed to duplicate the movement of the head which cuts the record master.

Compared with a pivoted arm, a linear tracking arm has a very small tracking error which means greatly reduced harmonic distortion, improved tracking ability and channel separation.

The horizontal and vertical movement of the tonearm are monitored by Sony's Biotracer sensors, and this information is transmitted to the tonearm by linear motors to suppress resonance at low frequencies and to obtain the maximum signal to noise ratio.

The tonearm balance and stylus force are electronically controlled by adjusting current to the linear motor for vertical movement.

The PS-X800 is a fully automatic system with feather-touch controls.

Record size is automatically set by a photo sensor, a muting system is activated when the tonearm is lifted and speed and direction of tonearm movement are easily controlled with the arm direction and fast buttons.

The unit is powered by Sony's linear torque BSL motor with speed governed by a very stable quartz oscillator and magnetic speed monitoring system.

The PS-X800's cabinet is made from a special inorganic (non-plastic) moulded compound with low 'Q' and newly developed resilient feet, effectively minimizing outside vibrations and acoustic feedback.

Click here for a PDF copy of the Sony PS-X800 Owner's Manual

Click here for a PDF copy of the Sony PS-X800 Service Manual

Technical Specifications:

32cm (12.6") aluminium alloy die-cast

Linear torque BSL motor

Drive system: 
Direct drive

Control system: 
Quartz lock control, magnedisc servo control

33.33 and 45rpm

Wow and flutter: 
0.015% WRMS

Signal to noise ratio: 
78 dB

Automatic system: 
Lead in, return, reject, repeat, record size selection, zero-balance

Tonearm: electronic 
Linear tracking

Effective length: 
180mm (7.09")

Stylus force range: 
0.5 to 3g

Cartridge shell weight: 

Cartridge weight range (Incl. headshell): 
10 to 29g (with extra weight)

16.5" x 4.72" x 17.5"
(440 x 120 x 445mm)

26.6 lbs.


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