JadisDPMC Phono PreampusedJadis DPMC Phono Preamp - New Tubes & ShippingJadis DPMC - Phono Preamp - New Tubes & Shipping Included For sale is my Jadis DPMC Phono Preamp which is truly a musical and satisfying phono preamp. I have enjoyed listening to LP’s the e...1800.00

Jadis DPMC Phono Preamp - New Tubes & Shipping [Expired]

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Jadis DPMC - Phono Preamp - New Tubes & Shipping Included
For sale is my Jadis DPMC Phono Preamp which is truly a musical and satisfying phono preamp.  I have enjoyed listening to LP’s the entire time it has been in my system.  Shortly after installing my new phono preamp my wife said, “This is good but not as ‘lilting' (dance like) as the Jadis.”  She listens from her sewing room and can hear the difference.  The Jadis is musical yet is capable of producing deep satisfying bass and a voluminous sound stage that depending on the recording can be staggering, wall-to-wall and floor to ceiling.  It simply knows no bounds.  It is really something to hear the performers completely detached from the speakers.  But the best sonic attributes of the Jadis’ presentation are the midrange and the harmonics which are to die for.  If you are like me you will find the Jadis’ to be balanced, detailed, a tad on the warm side (not a bad thing) and overall addicting. 
The Input Impedance of 47K works very well with most cartridges. With the addition of the volume control you can easily dial in the gain for your cartridge. The Output Voltage (adjustable via the volume control) from 0 to 5 volts allows you can really fine tune it.  It is pretty slick.  
The Jadis DPMC comes with a brand new set of tubes.  I only put them into the Jadis to make sure they worked.  Though I got rid of the original box it will be expertly packed and insured.  A downloaded manual and the original power cord are included. The unit has been in my winter home and is used about six to seven months a year.  I also listen to digital so the Jadis was used for about 80% of my listening.  Our kids are gone and we do not have any pets and neither of us smokes.  
I have rated the Jadis a “7” due to its age.  Overall it is in good cosmetic condition and operates as it should.  Though they do not show in the pictures there are some minor scratches on the top of the unit.  I have circled them in the photos.  Also, and this is important I stripped one of the hex screws when I was putting the top back on the unit after removing the tubes.  This particular screw is in the back on the bottom right side of the unit.  Please see the pictures.  As you can see I scratched the unit when I cut the head of the hex screw off.  Even without the screw the top still fits securely and does not rattle.  If the Jadis will be in a cabinet you will never see these imperfections.  Regardless, I had to adjust the price.   
Paypal users please add 3%  Shipping/Insurance within the United States is free at the asking price of $1,800.   
If you have any questions, please contact me at 714-397-6676 or email.  
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