Conrad JohnsonLP260MSEusedConrad Johnson LP260MSEFor Sale is a pair of Conrad Johnson LP260MSE amplifiers. are packed in new factory boxes and are ready to ship.These are powerhouse tube...6500.00

Conrad Johnson LP260MSE [Expired]

no longer for sale

For Sale is a pair of Conrad Johnson LP260MSE amplifiers.

These are packed in new factory boxes and are ready to ship.

These are powerhouse tube amplifiers that marry the signature Conrad Johnson sound with the dynamics and slam historically only found in solid state amplifiers. These are being used with Focal Sopra 2’s and the synergy can be, at times, overwhelming. These amps drive the Sopras with ease.

The LP260M amps were designed to be a more affordable counterpart to their ART big brothers. Cost savings were achieved very largely in the domain of aesthetics, not in part quality or technology employed. As such, the transformers in back are in fact designed to be exposed, as shown in the pictures. I prefer to keep the cages off, for visual enjoyment of the tube army, but there are cages as well in case you prefer to keep everything safe and hidden.

LP260M SE's retailed for $20,000. Sonically, they are not far from the current flagship ART 300s, which retail for $38,000. You will not find better amps for $6,500. These are true Hi Fi.

Below is a review of the LP125, which is the same amp in Stereo (in other words, these LP260Ms are two LP125s set in mono). As such, there is roughly 2x the power (and 2x the cost). However, they are otherwise effectively the same amp:

The 16 KT120 tubes are not included. They are purchased from Upscale Audio, and so are thoroughly tested to be the real deal. These 16, plus two additional pairs (20 KT120s in total, value of $1,000) can be included for the highly discounted price of $300.

Thanks for looking. Please reach out with any questions or best offer. See my positive reviews and buy with confidence.

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