Mark LevinsonNo. 37 & No. 36SusedMark Levinson No. 37 & No. 36SMark Levinson no. 37 compact disc transport / Mark Levinson no.36S D-to-A convertor. Reviewed in Stereophile Magazine on January 25, 1997. These two devices include performance upgrades by SoundM...4550.00

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Mark Levinson No. 37 & No. 36S [Expired]

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Mark Levinson no. 37 compact disc transport / Mark Levinson no.36S D-to-A convertor.

Reviewed in Stereophile Magazine on January 25, 1997.

These two devices include performance upgrades by SoundMods, the original mint condition manufacturer’s user’s manuals, the Mark Levinson remote control with fresh Lithium batteries, a .75 meter Audioquest Coffee AES/EBU digital interconnect, a one meter ST-Optical interconnect, the Ethernet transport to D/A convertor communications interconnect, plus power cords for both.  Unpack – plug up – play.  This solid-state package comes on song after about an hour warm-up – then leave them powered on stand-by.

Why? Because I am getting ready to downsize my life and this system represents that start.

Total plug-and-play package original MSRP was $10,915. 

This package is being offered for $4,550 plus shipping cost –or- best offer.

Worst case shipping cost from Maryland to California seems to be no more than $200 for the entire listed pair via FedEx Ground including insurance.

No.37 Description:

CD transport with four digital outputs: AES/EBU on XLR, S/PDIF on BNC,

S/PDIF on RCA, ST optical.

Dimensions: 15.75" W by 3.76" H by 14.3" D. Weight: 32 lbs (shipping).

Serial number of unit for sale: 3276

Original Price: $3,995

The No.37's transport mechanism is a Philips CDM 12 industrial model that has been coated with a flat green acrylic to absorb laser reflections that would otherwise “paint” the disc and introduce jtter. Levinson developed its own user interface rather than the stock Philips board that uses an all-digital servo control system.  The laser transport itself is shock-mounted and the reference clock -- a temperature-compensated crystal oscillator that is acoustically damped -- is located in the final stage of the output section, with its own dedicated power supply. The digital output is stored briefly in a buffer and released in sync with the accuracy of the clock. This design is said to virtually eliminate jitter in the output signal.

 No.36S Description:

Digital-to-Analog converter with HDCD decoding and 20-bit resolution.

Digital inputs: two AES/EBU on XLRs, two S/PDIF coaxial (one RCA, one BNC), one ST optical, and one TosLink optical. Outputs: L&R balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) (analog), AES/EBU on XLR (digital), one each RJ-45 communications port and IR repeater port. Frequency response: 10Hz-20kHz, +0, -0.2dB. THD: 0.001% at 1kHz, 0dBFS, A-weighted. Dynamic range: 98dB (or better). S/N ratio: 105dB. Channel separation: better than 110dB. IM distortion (SMPTEIMD): 0.005%. FIFO jitter: under 20ps, uncorrelated. Output impedance buffered from interconnect reactance’s

Dimensions: 15.75" W by 3.76" H by 14.3" D. Weight: 36 lbs (shipping).

Serial number of unit for sale: 1509

Original Price: $6,495

The No.36S makes use of Levinson's "smart FIFO (First In, First Out)" buffer, which re-clocks the incoming data with high precision to minimize jitter. Madrigal claims less than 20 pico-seconds of jitter for the No.36S.   The No.36S will decode at sampling frequencies of 32kHz, 44.1kHz, and  48kHz.  The 36S shunts un-selected inputs to ground. Internally, both processors are fully balanced in both their analog and digital circuitry (unbalanced digital inputs are converted to balanced before any processing is performed). The No.36S also provides for HDCD playback though the inclusion of Pacific Microsonics' PMD-100 HDCD, 24-bit throughput, 8x oversampling HDCD decoder/digital filter chip. And, the 36S handles HDCD's inherent 6dB-lower level in its own unique way and is defeat-able through the remote.  The 36S includes  a four-layer, cyanate-ester main circuit board plus the 36S power supply has a significantly lower output impedance. The trimming in the 36S is performed via 0.0006%-accuracy Vishay bulk-foil hand-trimmed resistors.

The manufacturer is available for any service that may be required; however, the Mil-Spec build quality has paid off in terms of reliability and ageless performance.

Audioquest Coffee AES/EBU Interconnect

Solid 10% Silver conductors

Dielectric Bias System with Radio Frequency Trap

Hard-Cell Foam Nitrogen Injected Insulation

Carbon-Based 7-layer Noise-Dissipation System

Cold welded terminations

Foil and Tinned Copper Braided Shield

Original Price: $395

Mark Levinson ST-Optical Interconnect

ST-ST Optical Fiber Duplex Multi-mode 62.5/125 Optic Network Patch Cable

Original Price: $25

Mark Levinson Ethernet Interconnect

CAT-6 Patch Network Cable Rj45 Ethernet to enable communications between the transport and DAC.

Original Price: $5

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