Ampsandsound75wpc Zion Prototype amp pair w/warrantyusedAmpsandsound Prototype ampAsk about 6 MONTHS NO INTEREST thru PayPal FREE FREIGHT in the lower 48 states We will ship to Canada and worldwide at the exact freight cost I am selling the p...6900.00

Ampsandsound Prototype amp [Expired]

no longer for sale

         Ask about 6 MONTHS NO INTEREST thru PayPal

       FREE FREIGHT in the lower 48 states

            We will ship to Canada and worldwide at the exact freight cost

I am selling the prototype pair of amps that Ampsandsound used to design their Zions mono amps. This is a one of a kind beautiful silver pair with the Ampsandsound 5 year warranty that Justin says he will repair forever. These are double the power of the $13,000 Zions and can be run with KT88's or KT120 tubes. They come with KT120's and do 75 watts each. The Zions are $13,000 a pair and 35 watt monos. These are 75 watts and would be well over $17,500.00 if they were to make them.
The Zion info is here:

Info on these custom amps is:

-100% new parts. 
-Custom Transformers by Transcendar & the output transformers are spec'd @ 90watts . -Exact copy of the HK Cit II but turned into mono blocks with great output.
-Coupling caps are Auri Cap.
-Improvement to the power transformer allows for KT88 or KT120 tubes. It comes with KT120 power tubes. 
-The front end tubes are NOS 12BY7s. -Each amp has AC and DC offset as well as individual bias. 
-Each amp will be preset prior to shipping to allow immediate use.
-The amps have RCA and XLR inputs. 
-XLR input has input transformers for Balanced to Singled ended conversion.  -Output taps are 4 ohm, 8 ohm and 16 ohm.
-60watts RMS with KT88s, and 75watts RMS with KT120s.
-The amps are 100% turret board and point to point construction. -These were the predecessors to the Zion monos and are significantly more powerful.  -These beat any amp under $12,000 by leaps. 
-4hz to 110khz @ 1watt
-8hz to 100khz @ 10watts
-18hz to 60khz @ 20watts

These are ultra quiet, Ultra bandwidth amps. These will include expensive Pelican style shipping creates. Each amp is ~ 45lbs These are large 17"x10"x3" for main chassis and fully braced.  They are triple chrome with matte black covers.

Call us at 770-667-5633 with questions or to order an amp.

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