JPS Labs Aluminata Aluminata Reference PCusedJPS LABS Aluminata Power Cord - (2) available-@ 6'The JPS Labs Aluminata AC Cords are unquestionably the most dynamic, state of the art sonic component yet extant for audiophiles looking to maximize the performance of any and all power componen...2200.00

JPS LABS Aluminata Power Cord - (2) [email protected] 6'

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  • The JPS Labs Aluminata AC Cords are unquestionably the most dynamic, state of the art sonic component yet extant for audiophiles looking to maximize the performance of any and all power components.  

  • While a technical breakdown and physical description of the Aluminata AC cords manage to convey some sense of the visionary R&D that went into their development—while helping to explain their innovative shielding schemes and iconic black mamba-like mass—the sonic impact these aural pythons impart to sophisticated high-end power amps (let alone pre-amps and front end components) must be heard to be believed.   

  • Seem like a hefty price point for an after-market AC Cord?   Well, HEARING IS BELIEVING.  

  • This matched pair enjoyed many years of burn-in on my beloved Rogue M180 Tubed Monoblocks, and the only reason they are being sacrificed from my audio rig is that the Rogues just recently found a happy new home, and we are hoping that some lucky AUDIOGON seeker after truth will now be able to bask in the unparalleled aural splendor of Aluminata AC Cords as I have been privileged to do so.    

  • Because trust me, it will be as if you are experiencing your high-end power amps for the very first time.    

  • The Aluminata AC cords will utterly transform your system and repurpose your sense of BASS in a high-end audio system.  BASS, not simply as a state of the art low-frequency extension; BASS, not simply as dramatically enhanced transient response and immediacy; BASS, not simply as top-to-bottom frequency linearity…   

  • But BASS as a foundational bedrock of a timbrally realistic, dynamically impactful aural experience:  a spine-tingling depiction of dimensionality: impeccably accurate imaging; a heretofore unimagined portrayal of shrouded spatial and acoustic cues; capacious depth of field and sound staging.     

  • Audiophiles often talk of the speakers disappearing.  Well, try imagining your entire room disappearing, supplanted instead by a totally immersive depiction of believable acoustic reality.     

  • And dare we gild the lily by suggesting that you will be captivated by the wealth of warmly textured, uncolored midrange information, while the high frequencies are richly detailed and transparent, without any sense of fatiguing exaggeration.    

  • And for the Doubting Thomas-Types among you, pondering whether to throw down for such pricey components, ask yourself this; are high-resolution AC cords such as this really an indulgence or a critical component in the signal chain—why exactly did I invest upwards of five-and-six figures on state of the art tubed or SS power monoblocks, only to plug them in with stock AC Cords?  Are you daft?  When Marilyn Monroe came onstage to sing happy birthday to JFK, was she swathed in a burlap bag?    

  • Okay, well riddle me this wise guy—if these Aluminata AC cords are so bloody good, then why are you selling this pair?  COUGH.  Don’t cry for me Argentina—because I still enjoy transformational out of body experiences with a solitary JPS Labs Aluminata AC cord tethered to my own anointed stereo power amp.     

  • So what exactly are you seekers after truth waiting for?  The SRP on a matched pair of new JPS Labs Aluminata AC Cords is $10,000, while some lucky Auudiogon shopper can significantly transform their system and be the envy of their friends for only $4,200.  Hell, Crazy Eddie was never that wack.     

  • PS: Yes, they are used, but not abused, and show normal signs of wear, if not tear, so buy with confidence.  OPERATORS ARE STANDING BY.  

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