MeridianDSWusedMeridian DSWMERIDIAN DSW DSP SUBWOOFER We have a DSP Subwoofer that is a store demo model that we are selling off. Thxis the perfect companion to any of the Meridian DSP Speakers. This unit is in perfect con...2800.00

Meridian DSW [Expired]

no longer for sale


We have a DSP Subwoofer that is a store demo model that we are selling off. 

Thxis the perfect companion to any of the Meridian DSP Speakers.

This unit is in perfect condition both physically and cosmetically except for one little nick on the bottom front edge which is shown in one of the pictures. We do not have the box for it that is why it is listed for local Pickup only in NJ


The DSW is designed to provide deep, impactful bass in rooms where a compact loudspeaker is needed. Designed to add enhanced bass, the DSW fits perfectly into a two-channel or complete surround-sound set-up made up of any of Meridian’s Digital Active DSP Loudspeakers.

Featuring a downward firing woofer, the design tapers at the top reducing the visual impact on its surroundings, while all of the connecting cables, SpeakerLink and Power, attach discretely at the bottom of the cabinet, allowing for discrete installations. The Closed-loop Class D Power amplifier provides a powerful 600W peak output which powers a high-power long-throw 12in driver which uses total DSP control, for full, impressive yet fully-integrated bass.


DSW delivers powerful, authentic bass with room-filling performance to enhance both music and movie soundtracks.

Ideal for use with a Meridian Surround Controller or in systems incorporating Audio Core 200.

Designed with the power needed to complement the bass response of Meridian Digital Active Loudspeakers, which already exhibit impressive bass extension.

Extremely strong internal cabinet construction for maximum rigidity at high power levels.

Ideal for use in a complete surround-sound configuration of DSP3200 or DSP3300 loudspeakers, for example, or to complement larger Meridian loudspeakers such as the DSP5200 and DSP7200 .

Downward-facing driver minimises lateral movement.


Meridian SpeakerLink connectivity makes DSW quick and easy to install and allows the DSW to be daisy chained with other Meridian loudspeakers.

A three-way switch (1, 1+2, 2) determines the digital channels to which the unit responds.

New high-power long-throw 12in driver and amplifier combination delivers maximum performance under total DSP control, for full, impressive yet fully-integrated bass.

Ideal for the most bass-heavy music and the most powerful action movie soundtracks. In normal operation, the bass end of the main loudspeakers is rolled off and all bass is handled by the subwoofer(s). Alternatively, a surround system including DSW can be operated in “Bass Heavy” mode.



The traditional setup of amplifiers which drive passive loudspeakers is inefficient and limits sound quality. Meridian loudspeakers contain a complete, matched audio system with efficient DSP crossovers, multiple DACs and driver- specific amplifiers, giving higher overall quality, less power use, and the performance of a traditional loudspeaker eight times the physical volume.


Loudspeaker enclosures often vibrate, colouring the sound,

making it less lifelike. Our most advanced loudspeakers

use a cabinet construction material unique to Meridian:

Meridium features highest-grade laminated plywood layers bonded to an aluminium core, allowing the loudspeaker to reproduce music accurately without adding its own sound.


A unique Meridian filter that avoids pre-ringing, so it can be steeper, cleaning up the effects of early, less efficient filters used in the digital recording process. The result: a better, cleaner sound from recordings both old and new.


Meridian’s ‘First In, First Out’ buffering system minimises jitter, ensuring perfect timing and improved clarity. You enjoy a clearer feeling of the instruments and their interrelationship.


Utilising a 12in driver, the DSW is compact yet capable of very high performance. To manage its level of power, the plywood cabinet is extremely robust, with exceptionally strong internal struts. The driver itself is mounted in a “nest” of internal ribs that hold it firmly in position for maximum stability and control.

The unit is raised off the ground by three feet which are suitable for carpeted floors, and is supplied with optional rubber tips which can be used on hard floor surfaces.



Meridian SpeakerLink connector (RJ45)


Meridian SpeakerLink connector (RJ45)


Overall distortion typically <0.02%


1 x 600W Class D amplifier rated at 600W peak


1 x 12in long-throw bass driver, facing downwar



Channel selector switch for channel(s) 1, 1+2 or 2Rocker switch selects left-centre-right channel operation

LED indicator shows power status


HEIGHT : 445mm [17.5in] * 450mm [17.7in] * *

WIDTH AT BASE: 380mm [15in]

DEPTH: AT BASE 430mm [17in]

WEIGHT: 22kg [48.4lbs]






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