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Allnic Audio Amber - Deemed to be the Best [Expired]

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Allnic Audio's NEW Amber moving coil cartridge is finally a reality.  The culmination of 13 years research, trials and experimentation resulted in the creation of what will be recognized as a true State of the Art musical transducer.    

  Stymied by the endless search of a supple and durable enough rubber to use in the Allnic's MC's unusual 2 magnet motor, we experimented with suspension rubbers from every continent. Last October, Allnic Audio CEO and designer, KS Park, gleefully announced discovery of a perfect suspension rubber manufactured within 100 miles of his Korean facility.     

The testing began! This new found rubber was extensively tested with oven heating and drying at 130 degrees for hours on end. These oven tests proved the rubbers ability to retain moisture providing the suppleness and its integral structure the suspension requires. The biggest drawback with MC cartridge aging is the drying out effect. The older suspensions lose suppleness from moisture loss and harden, resulting in a bright, hard, edgy sound. In dryer climes, this effect is more pronounced. Because of this, the tracking ability of the stylus is impacted by the rubber's hardening and elevating high frequencies, hence sibilant reproduction.   

  With 6 months of sonic tests in Korea, Canada, Belgium and Italy, Amber, with the new rubber and Fritz Gyger supplied Boron cantilever, listeners report this cart has very few peers at twice our announced price. Personally, I have nothing comparatively as good in my collection of cartridges, and this opinion reported by some others in these evaluations. In trials I could not wait to get back to Amber. Some carts may have an edge of certain qualities, but none provided the thrills and the total satisfaction of the hobby that Amber imparts long after engaging listening sessions. This cartridge sings mama!   

  Even with Amber's elevated compliance, better results were gleaned from bigger mass tone arms such as the 4 Point Kuzma, Ikeda 407, FR 66 and 64. The word is, 14 gram and heavier tone arm mass designs will produce best matching.  

 What Amber provides, in spades, is the ability to do everything well producing huge, bold effortless dynamics, deep bass, reach out and touch transparency with fantastic separation and a mile deep sound stage. Amber tracks very well and rates normal for record surface noise. Typically, better records offer quieter playback. Ironically, during trials, common to our listeners, older vinyl auditioning, even with warts and scratches, tracked quieter than most current day productions.    

 The Amber is shipped in its own Amber colored aluminum canister with handsome, safe packaging. The Amber and Rose cartridge must be in this packaging configuration to be legit. We had a few Puritas cartridges with original motors and cantilevers and added new rubber and gold body, these cartridges do not have the Amber cantilever or current specs, hence a prototype hybrid. Contact Hammertone Audio for verification. 

The voltage gain output is .34mV with an internal impedance of 9 ohms and net weight of 11 grams. Best tracking force results between 2.3 to 2.5 grams, dependent on user's altitude.    Trades? - yes, some considered     Available now? - 10 pieces arriving May 24th, call and reserve yours.    

Is it really good? - Amber's feedback to date has been unbelievable, especially with testers comparing to much more expensive and recognizable cartridges. No disappointments!  Might very well be your system improvement of the year. And as with every Allnic Audio component to hit these shores, expect a ground swell of praise and accolades!    

Overseas inquiries most welcome.    

Please contact us at before committing to buy for best shipping arrangement and payment options   

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