Thiel AudioCS-7.2usedThiel Audio CS-7.21 Owner, purchased from House Of Stereo. Great condition 8/10. Manufactured in 2001. Jim Thiel on the CS 7.2s: "I put a high value on frequency response, accuracy, bass, time alignment, cla...7250.00

Thiel Audio CS-7.2 [Expired]

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1 Owner, purchased from House Of Stereo. Great condition 8/10. Manufactured in 2001.

Jim Thiel on the CS 7.2s:
 "I put a high value on frequency response, accuracy, bass, time alignment, clarity and dynamics, and I also design all my products to have performance-to-cost ratio plateaus," said Jim Thiel. "So first, I envision the product's scale -- in the case of the $13,500-per-pair CS7.2, a four-way system that is allowed to be pretty large and doesn't have many cost restraints -- then, I determine a topology that will have the desired performance-to-cost ratio, and, finally, I execute that as well as I can. It's a sliding scale, rather than having a different goal each time out."

CS 7.2 
Enhance the audio experience and enjoy theatre-like sound at home with the Thiel CS-7.2 Floor Standing Speakers. The model features a frequency response ranging from 23 Hz to 20000 Hz and an impedance level of 4 ohms. In addition, the product offers a sensitivity of 86 dB and 500-watt peak power handling capability. The CS7.2's are the best speakers Jim Thiel designed and compete with today's best designs. When paired with a high current amplifier these are phenomenal speakers.

The CS7.2 is an extremely handsome speaker. Remarkably, the combination of light wood and dark cloth seemed to minimize the speaker's bulk. At 14"W x 19"D x 55"H, they should have dominated my listening room, but they managed to be as inconspicuous as such large critters could possibly have been.

The CS 7.2 sounds sweet, relaxed, openess, with ultra high spatial resolution (imaging), transient reproduction and outstanding dynamics. The images were richly and naturally detailed, and almost holographic in their dimensionality, but were never overetched or discontinuous with their surroundings. In addition, the CS7.2's transient fidelity came across as an energy or immediacy that made everything seem more realistic and alive. I often found myself digging out live recordings and listening late into the night, just because the Thiel's immediacy made the performances so riveting.

Four-way, floorstanding, reflex-loaded loudspeaker.  Drive-units (all anodized aluminum, midrange three-layer sandwich construction): 1" (25mm) dome tweeter coaxially mounted in 3" (76mm) cone midrange; 6.5" (165mm) lower-midrange cone; 12" (305mm) cone woofer; 12" (305mm) passive radiator.  The sloping baffle time-aligns the voice coils, and the first-order crossovers give you phase coherence. The rigid, 1"-thick cabinet, complex & solid inner bracing, 4"-thick solid cement baffle, and custom-built aluminum drivers all reduce energy storage and distortion—as do Thiel's short-coil/long-gap motor assemblies, which ensure that the voice-coil operates entirely within a linear, consistent magnetic field.
Crossover frequencies: 200Hz, 1kHz, 3kHz. Crossover slopes: all acoustic first-order. Frequency range: 23Hz-20kHz. Frequency response: 25Hz-17kHz, ±1.5dB. Phase response: ±10 degrees, minimum. Sensitivity: 86dB/2.83V/1m. Impedance: 4 ohms nominal. Recommended power rating: 100-500W.

Dimensions 55" (140cm) H, by 14" (36cm) W, by 19" (48cm) D, Weight: 168 lbs each.
Price new: $13,000/pair

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