Acoustic ZenAbsolute CopperusedAcoustic Zen Absolute Copper Interconnect. RCA. GorgeousThe Absolute Copper interconnect consists of zero crystal ribbon copper hand crafted in a flexible twist array. This revolutionary cable is insulated against any noise induction with the best isola...730.00

Acoustic Zen Absolute Copper Interconnect. RCA. Gorgeous [Expired]

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The Absolute Copper interconnect consists of zero crystal ribbon copper hand crafted in a flexible twist array. This revolutionary cable is insulated against any noise induction with the best isolation material available to cable production: hollow core foam Teflon™ tubing symmetrically configured to Acoustic Zen's patented Constant Air Twist geometry.

These 1M RCA interconnects are almost new and in perfect condition. They been on a cable conditioner so they are almost burned in. They have the locking carbon fiber connectors which I believe are an upgrade. They look and sound fantastic! See reviews below for more on that.

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From Absolute Sound review:

All told, the Acoustic Zen Absolute Copper is a cable so satisfying that it may very well give you pause about spending more. It certainly would give me pause. There are few serious audio rigs that would not strongly benefit from Absolute Copper’s expressive musicality and real-world affordability. A cable that belongs on every audiophile’s “must-audition” short list.

From Audiogon member review:

Getting to the point, the Absolute Copper is the best cable I’ve ever heard and surpasses the performance of the Matrix Reference II. The latter is a great cable, but the former trumps it. First of all, the Absolute Copper interconnects do one magical thing that every other Acoustic Zen product I’ve ever tried has done as well, and that is, gives me “more”; more performance in every aspect and consequently, more musical enjoyment. The frequency extremes are enhanced and better balanced. I especially notice that bass frequencies are more powerful, the mids more natural and the highs have life, sparkle and “air” without edginess or glare. One of the things that really strike me about the Absolute Copper is how deeply you can hear into the mix. There’s a resonance and depth of reverb coming off of instruments that is just not as distinct with the other cables and practically non-existent with some of them. What this tells me is that there are vast amounts of musical information that lesser cables simply are not getting from point A to point B and that’s the first thing a cable needs to do. It’s been obvious throughout my time with the Absolute Copper that it does this chore handily. For instance, in the first violin solo from the beautiful “Scheherazade” by the Chicago Symphony conducted by Reiner and played by Sidney Harth, you can hear a breath that Harth takes before the last few notes, almost as if he’s physically drawing you into the emotive feel of the piece. The Absolute Copper allows that breath to seem more real, more alive and just more THERE. One of my favorite pieces to listen to and judge any component with is the tune “Digging In the Dirt” from Peter Gabriel’s “Us”. Tony Levin’s bass playing in this tune is awesome, but if your system isn’t up to snuff, it’ll sound like mush. In my listening, the articulation and distinct playing jump from the speakers. The Absolute Copper really excels in pulling ALL of the bass out of the mix with authority and power. Gabriel’s voice also has more resonance and sheer size than it ever has and this speaks to that concept of more information being extracted from the signal. Norah Jones is more in the room than ever on “Turn Me On”, which is very cool because hey, it’s Norah Jones waiting for me to come home and turn her on! The presence and the body of her voice are so much more alive and warm. “Heavy Fuel” from Dire Straits “On Every Street” is another favorite that lets me hear dynamic contrasts and shading simply because the drum track in that tune should kick you in the gut… it does and then some, and at the same time there are lots of little cymbal and bell strikes that come through with more clarity and realism with the Absolute Copper cables. I love the sound of Mark Knopfler’s “One Take Radio Sessions”. On first listen with the Absolute Copper, I just wound up listening to the entire CD! It almost seems as if Mr. Knopfler is sitting on his amp right in the middle of the room in front of you with his band backing him up like it was a present for your birthday… sweet!

So, here’s the bottom line. The Absolute Copper is aptly named. Over the years, lots of other metals have been added to and used in cables, but good old copper is still a great conductor and Robert Lee of Acoustic Zen has figured out how to harness it to create what is for me, the finest interconnect I’ve ever heard. These are supremely balanced, dynamic, coherent cables that seem to act as a superhighway for musical signals to pass through, getting more information and realism from sources than anything that’s near its price. For many, it would be hard to consider the Absolute Copper a great value, but believe me, they are. These are the cables that you should aspire to attain if you can, and if you’ve spent five figures on interconnects, well, sorry; sell them and get the Absolute Copper and pocket the difference! I will definitely want more of these… copper rules!

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