LSA GroupT3newLSA Group T3 Superb turntable value (New)Ask us about 6 months NO INTEREST thru PayPal Introducing the LSA T3 turntable Sale $2299.00 delivered or $3499.00 w/$2000...2299.00

LSA Group T3 Superb turntable value (New)

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      Ask us about 6 months NO INTEREST thru PayPal    

            Introducing the LSA T3 turntable

                   Sale $2299.00 delivered


$3499.00 w/$2000. Soundsmith Aida II cartridge


$2999.00 w/ $1250.Sumiko Blackbird cartridge

Other cartridges available from $2599. delivered

The the review preview Tone audio said:

"This has to be one of the biggest analog deals going. Initial
listening proves it to be more than good enough, we can enthusiastically
recommend this one! But to be fair, we need to give you a more detailed
analysis, and go over the fine points."

"Whether this is your first table (if so, bravo for making this kind
of commitment on your first go) or you’re a vinyl lover with a
$500-$1500 table that is really getting into it and wants to make a big
move forward, this combination is rocking.+

Read the preview here:

The new T-3 is our first LSA turntable. It was built for us by Margules in Mexico. They sell their version as the TT-10 at $3000.00. Our table adds a $500.00 accessory kit including a $400.00 record resonance control weight,  $50.00 stylus gauge, one $30.00 spare belt and $50.00 cork
platter mat. It also comes with a $250.00 custom LSA dust cover. This is a $3,750.00 table with $2,000.00 professionally mounted cartridge for only $3,499.00 delivered. Or $2,299.00 delivered without cartridge. We believe the best value in a turntable package available today.

The T3 has a machined high-mass platter (from a single block of aluminum) sitting in a
ball bearing bushing. The platter is driven by a synchronous low noise, low RPM
and low torque motor. It is suspended in a spring mounting to avoid noise
induction to the turntable. The motor pivot is also ball bearing.

The T-3
has three contact or resting points: two inverted conical isolation feet,
height adjustable for leveling, and the isolated motor assembly to transfer
energy away from the turntable.

The arm
mounting is universal, and you can easily adjust it for vertical tracking angle
and azimuth. The T-3 comes with the Margules UP-01 uni-pivot tonearm. The 9.5-inch
tonearm is made of anodized machined aluminum. The tonearm also has internal
anti resonance rings. The UP-01 allows for easy and precise adjustment of
overhang, azimuth, anti-skating, and tracking weight. All of this results in a
table that has dead-on speed accuracy, quiet background and an arm that tracks

The T-3 comes
with a $500.00 upgrade kit and our $250.00 dust cover.

We are selling this $3750.00 table Internet Direct at an intro price of only or $2299.00 delivered or the $5750.00 package for $3499.00 delivered with a $2000.00 Soundsmith Aida cartridge professionally
mounted and aligned before shipment.

Other cartridges are available

Call us at 770-667-5633 about
this superb turntable deal

SoundSmith Aida MK2 (New ES Series DEMS design) is a triumph of Soundsmith Engineering,

Stereophile Class “A” rated, a rarity at its price point – and for good reasons.

The Aida employs a Laser drilled Sapphire Cantilever and an ultra-low mass Line Contact Stylus.  This
configuration resolves the challenges of playing the inner grooves with
the same level of confidence as the outer. How did they do this? The
unique stylus shape of the CL stylus has a “sharper” playing surface on
the faceted diamond, allowing it to ride easily in the groove
modulations of even the most difficult passages and high frequency
information that other cartridges simply cannot trace. The result - a
truly superb cartridge, surpassing top MC designs with air, focus and
sound staging no cartridge at this price should be able to achieve. - -
The Aida features a 2 year warranty to the original owner. The rebuild cost is only $350.00 when the stylus needs replacement.
See more info at:

Turntable Specifications

Belt driven, 33 & 45 RPM

  • Uni-pivot tonearm included (can be changed by end-user)

  • Interchangeable Arm mini-din connector

  • Fully adjustable VTA, azimuth, tracking force

  • High mass, 5kg (11 lb.) solid aluminum platter

  • RCA output connectors

  • Rigid, low resonance frame

  • Extremely low friction spindle assembly;  ball-bearing spindle

  • Motor Type: AC smooth low speed 24-pole synchronous motor.

  • Synchronous motor, 250 RPM, very low RPM and torque, very low friction bearing

  • Wow and flutter < 0.15%

  • Dimensions (height, width, depth): 6” x 21″ x 16” (15cm x 52 cm x 41cm)

  • Total Weight: 18 pounds

  • Included accessories: 

    One $50.00 cork/rubber compound platter mat, One $40.00 digital scale for tracking force,
    One $40.00 custom protractor for the correct overhang and VTA and azimuth
    settings, one $30.00 spare belt, one $400.00 stainless steel Magenta Turntable Resonance
    Control and one $250.00 custom dust cover

  • Warranty on Parts & Labor: 2 years from the original purchase date

We accept PayPal, Visa, AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, bank wires & money orders. 

Read our over 13,400 points of AudiogoN #1 rated feedback and then call 770-667-5633 with questions or to order these excellent turntables. 
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