Velodyne DD18+newVelodyne Digital Drive PLUS Series BEST audiophile subAuthorized dealer Serious buyers Please email for delivered quotes for 1 or 2 subs SALE on following series/Models DD-10+, DD-12+, DD-15+ and DD-18+, Deep Blue DB12 & DB15 & Impact X12 ...5999.00

Velodyne Digital Drive PLUS Series BEST audiophile sub [Expired]

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 Authorized dealer Serious buyers Please email for delivered quotes for 1 or 2 subs 

SALE on following series/Models
DD-10+, DD-12+, DD-15+ and DD-18+, Deep Blue DB12 & DB15 & Impact X12

 Deep Blue 12’s & 15’s ONLY sold in pairs! 


Have you tried several subs and nothing seems to be perfect for your room?  Have you ever considered using DUAL subs?   All systems benefit with DUAL subwoofers finding the perfect match takes experience we have 41+ years experience                  

SPECIAL PACKAGE Deals when buying more then one component


The industry benchmark in low-distortion bass for medium to large rooms or any home theater, with less than .5% distortion at or below 20Hz. The Digital Drive PLUS 12 has a huge 1250 Watts RMS, 3000 Watts Dynamic power amplifier, and a High Gloss Ebony Veneer finish. Accessories include: Remote Control, Digital Drive PLUS Accessory Kit, Video Cable.
The Digital Drive PLUS 12 is the best 12" subwoofer that money can buy as rated by high acoustic output, low bass frequency extension, high accuracy bass reproduction and a lack of distortion. The DD-12+ reproduces even the most challenging bass in movies, music and computer games. The DD-12+ cabinet  black gloss ebony finish
The Digital Drive PLUS 12 has a frequency response between 17.0 and 120 Hz at 3dB down with a massive 3000 Watt dynamic amplifier.
The 12 inch Digital Drive PLUS subwoofer produces awe-inspiring, hard-hitting bass supported by Velodyne’s exclusive patented accelerometer based High Gain Servo System to whittle distortion down to .5%. Its cutting-edge, highly sophisticated, 8-band Auto-EQPLUS technology assures not just low distortion but the most accurate bass available from any subwoofer available in the market today. And if you prefer, you can calibrate the subwoofer’s response with the 8 band parametric equalizer manually with its on-screen graphics, or computer readout using the front mounted USB port. You can even adjust the degree of control by the digital servo

Deep Blue Series


Small and Distinguished


The Deep Blue (DB) series is a brand new subwoofer platform development based on Velodyne Acoustics technologies with a modern styling, unmatched performance with a dynamic and accurate output.


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