MIT CablesShotgun AC1usedMIT Cables Shotgun AC1 Power Cord - 2M (7 feet)MIT is one of the pioneers of the high-end cable industry. Founder Bruce Brisson started designing cables back in the 1970s and eventually licensed his first designs to Monster Cable. You might rec...375.00

MIT Cables Shotgun AC1 Power Cord - 2M (7 feet) [Expired]

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MIT is one of the pioneers of the high-end cable industry. Founder Bruce Brisson started designing cables back in the 1970s and eventually licensed his first designs to Monster Cable. You might recall Monster Cable’s breakthrough Interlink Reference from 1981 which featured many of Bruce’s patents such as “Bandwidth Balanced”, “Phase Correct” and “Time Correct” windings. This was the first high-end cable specifically designed to reduce the inherent distortions of audio signal-carrying cables. In 1984, Bruce formed Music Interface Technologies (MIT) and continued to develop new cable technologies culminating in MIT’s patented low-pass filter network concept or Multipole Technology. MIT has also designed or manufactured cables for other audio companies such as Wilson Audio Specialties, Spectral Audio, Jeff Rowland Design Group, Martin Logan and Goldmund Audio. MIT products are also used in many recording studios and film production facilities such as Skywalker Sound.


With power comes noise. The very power it takes to drive your audio (or home theater) system can have a damaging effect on audio and video fidelity by allowing noise pollution into your system. It is the quality of the power that counts. Most audio and home theater equipment (in the US) is designed to function at 120 volts at a frequency of 50 –60 Hertz. Usually, power lines feeding AV components not only carry usable frequencies (50-60Hz), but also carry frequencies above and below this operative range. It’s those uninvited frequencies that inject distortions directly into the audio and video path. This results in distortions you can see and hear. Generally, most appliances plugged into your walls are not sensitive to these problems. When it comes to lights or the refrigerator, the quality of the power does not really make an operational difference. Because of that, normal household power is not stabilized, filtered or conditioned—certainly not for precision audio or video equipment. The higher the fidelity, the more noticeable AC distortions become.

The AC Series of power products from MIT uses patented parallel “Z Filters”; a tuned LCR technology. MIT Filter technology eliminates reflections by efficiently absorbing all forms of AC noise from the mains, and then converting it into harmless thermal heat. The result? Once the Z circuitry is working to clean, condition and protect your AV system, you will instantly enjoy “blacker” blacks, better color saturation, and increased shadow detail; movie sound tracks will deliver dialog, Foley sounds and background music with theater-like quality. Because your audio system now has a lowered noise floor, you will have pinpoint audio image placement within a lifelike soundstage, all with clear and authoritative bass.


MIT's Shotgun AC1 offers better imaging, clarity, spacial dimensioning and even a tad better loudness (according to some reviewers).  Guaranteed to sound better than any stock power cord and well worth its price in your system.  



  • Greater clarity
  • Enhanced contrast
  • Improved dynamics
  • Greater depth of field
  • Better imaging at all volume levels


  • LENGTH - 7 foot (2M) 
  • EQPT TERMINATION - 15A IEC Female plug

CONDITION -  Clean cable, tested and guaranteed. 

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