Pure Audio LabsLotus DAC5newPure Audio Labs Lotus DAC5- Save 25%- Free $400.00 cordAsk us about 6 MONTHS NO INTEREST thru PayPal. See our Youtube videos and subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYPdjOHJdPgSkaF2FTy_TOw Free Freight in the lower 48 ...1499.00

Pure Audio Labs Lotus DAC5- Save 25%- Free $400.00 cord

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Package dimensions16.0" × 22.0" × 10.0" (18.0 lbs.)
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Original accessoriesRemote Control, Box, Manual
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      Ask us about 6 MONTHS NO INTEREST thru PayPal.

See our Youtube videos and subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYPdjOHJdPgSkaF2FTy_TOw

          Free Freight in the lower 48 states

  Free $400.00 Core Power Gold Power cord with purchase

   We are glad to be distributing The Pure Audio Labs DAC's for North America. 

Just named Product of the Year by Headphone.guru                                                                                                                                         Read the story at:

We were blown away with the performance of this DAC, especially for the
money. It outperformed any DAC we had heard under $3000-$4000.00. Build
quality as well as feature set were exceptional.

in the latest review in headphone.guru they said:
Complete Palette of Controls and Functions in a Package That’s Equal
Parts Affordable and Accessible With an Amazing Price and Performance
Levels that will Shake Some Industry Roots!"

The Kicker – yes, of course, there MUST BE a Kicker

Price – $1995 which is so completely fair and might be called even a
bit unfair to its competitors. A true System Control Center clothed
beautifully and completely useable. I don’t say that lightly as I’ve
just recently had the Mytek Brooklyn through the listening studio here
and for my money, I like The PureAudio Lotus DAC 5 even more as
sonically it’s The Goods. Not soft, nor round – just musically pleasing
and honestly a steal of a deal at the price.

Bravo Pure Audio – Bravo Underwood Wally

Enthusiastically Recommended

Read the entire review at:

In the first US review Tone Audio summed with:
"As mentioned earlier, the Lotus 5 would be a great value even as a DAC
alone, but considering the variable outputs and it’s ease at driving any
power amplifier you might want to mate it with, that puts it over the
top as a top performer and incredible value."

"if you happen to be a digital music only music lover, I can’t think of a better anchor for a great two channel system than the Pure Audio Lotus 5 in this category."

"With that being said, I am more than happy to award this DAC one of our Exceptional Value Awards for 2019.

Read it all at: http://www.tonepublications.com/review/pure-audios-latest-dac/

In the Positive Feedback review they said:
warmer sounding characteristic devoid of leading edges and transients.
Instead, it is a well-tuned configuration that allows a natural tone to
take precedence, with an invitingly smooth and relaxed sound." 
The Lotus presents a fairly wide soundstage with good projections of sonic cues in both depth and width. An
area where the Lotus DAC5 does massively excel is its ability to
resolve detailing, with fast decay without ever sounding clinical or
cold. Instead, instrumental pieces
such as piano and guitar strums really shine, without ever sounding
lackluster or too sharp. For this reason, the Lotus DAC5 is a great contender for advocates of a natural listening experience, with excellent clarity and nuances. That
is not to say that vocals are out of the picture, as the Lotus DAC5
delivers spades of realism and depth as demonstrated in "Jealous Guy" by
Gavin DeGraw. Here, DeGraw's voice is both soulful while also
preserving the grittiness that other DACs may convert into stridency. On
that note, it is nice to see that
the Lotus is forgiving of older sounding tracks, as well as those of
poorer quality, with its element of smoothness and lack of glare.


"The Pure Audio Lotus DAC5 has
seemingly appeared from nowhere and looks to stay for a while with its
multifaceted approach to the audiophile market. It is not often that a
DAC of this caliber retails for less than $2000, and should definitely
be taken seriously when considering a top of the line system for both
headphones and speakers alike. With various output and preamp
functionality, the Lotus does well in being a pure system control
center. Not to mention that it can handle MQA and DSD files, which not
all DACs can boast within the tools of their arsenals. Along with the
well-designed remote and informative glass panel display, the Lotus DAC5
represents great value for money

Read the entire review at: 

The Lotus DAC 5 is a 32 bit/768k DAC/preamp that decodes PCM & DSD files, up to DSD 512, as well as fully unfolding MQA files.
It uses a fully balanced design and has XLR & RCA outputs. It has 7
digital inputs including asynchronous USB, two coaxial, two optical,
I2S and AES/EBU. It allows you to upsample all inputs to DSD512 as well
as multiple PCM sample rates up to 32 bit/768k. It also has 7 adjustable
digital filters as well as output phase inversion capability.
It is a very good preamp as well and the volume control can be bypassed if you just want to use it as a DAC.

Technical features:

ESS ES9038PRO 32-Bit HyperStream II Audio DAC
Lotus DAC 5 uses the critically acclaimed ESS’ Sabre patented
HyperStream II architecture and time domain jitter eliminator, the
ES9038PRO 32-bit audio dac delivers an unprecedented dynamic range of up
to 140dB and THD+N of –122dB. The Sabre DAC 9038 Pro is considered by
many to be the finest DAC chip made today.

XMOS USB input receiver: The
XMOS USB input receiver chip offers USB asynchronous transfer mode. It
uses the high precision clock and precision power supply of the Lotus
DAC 5 bypassing the computer's clock for dramatically lower jitter.

Ultralow Noise, Ultrahigh PSRR RF Linear RegulatorLT3042
is a ultralow RMS noise, ultralow spot noise and ultrahigh PSRR linear
regulator, It offers high quality voltage supplies that greatly enhance
the performance of the ES9038PRO.


Precision Thin Film MELF Resistors: Precision
thin film MELF resistors are the perfect choice for most fields of
modern professional electronics, which reliability and stability are
main reasons why we use it.

High Quality, High Performance Capacitors: Electrolytic
capacitors manufactured by Panasonic Japan. The caps help clean the
power of  high ripple current and along with their low ESR make the
power more stable for upgraded sonics.

Large metal remote control: A high-quality aluminum remote control allows the user to operate all adjustments in the SETUP menu.

Technical Specifications

• USB : USB Type B 2.0 Hi-Speed, data stream up to 384KHz/24Bit & DSD 256 and MQA.
• I2S/DSD :Supports PCM 44.1KHz ~ PCM 768KHz/32Bit & DSD 512 data streams.

• COAXIAL : Supports PCM 44.1KHz ~ 768KHz/32Bit and DSD DOP 64, 128 and 256.

• OPTICAL : Supports PCM 44.1KHz ~ 192KHz/32Bit and DSD DOP 64.

• AES/EBU : Supports PCM 44.1KHz ~ 192KHz/32Bit and DSD DOP 64.


‧ Frequency response : 20 Hz - 20 KHz / ±0.3 dB. ‧ SNR : > 110 dB.

‧ THD+N : < 0.0003%.

‧ Output Impedance : < 50 Ohm. 

One pair XLR balanced outputs : FIX mode 8Vrms, HALF FIX mode 4Vrms.

One pair RCA unbalanced outputs : FIX mode 4Vrms, HALF FIX mode 2Vrms. 


• USB Audio Firmware : upgradable via USB DFU tool.
• Power Supply : AC voltage selector switch at the bottom of the unit, 115V or 230V.
• Dimensions [W x H x D] : 17" W x 2.16" H  x 12.4" D.
• Weight : 11.5 pounds
• Power consumption : 13.5W (0.9W Standby)

We accept PayPal, AMEX, Visa, Discover and MasterCard as well as money orders. Read our AudiogoN #1 rated feedback & call me at 770-667-5633 with questions or to order.
GA & HI residents add sales tax

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