Tekton DesignBrisance 18" SubwooferusedTekton Design Brisance SubwooferFor Sale: Tekton Design Brisance powered subwoofer. This thing is a real monster of a powered subwoofer 18" SubwooferTwo x 8" overtone and harmonic coupling transducersDSP controller and 1400 ...1000.00

Tekton Design Brisance Subwoofer [Expired]

no longer for sale

For Sale: Tekton Design Brisance powered subwoofer. 
This thing is a real monster of a powered subwoofer
  • 18" Subwoofer
  • Two x 8" overtone and harmonic coupling transducers
  • DSP controller and 1400 RMS power amplifier included 
  •  Height 38.5"(97.79cm) x Width 20"(50.8cm) x Depth x 22"(55.88cm)
  • 100dB 2.83V@1m sensitivity
  • 20Hz-350kHz frequency response (adjustable)
  • ​Weight 140 lbs
  • Manufactured in the US.

Eric at Tekton makes these custom. He made this one to match my Double Impact theater package.  The paint color is Bianco Fuji pearl white. 
I'm selling it because I moved houses and unfortunately it will not be readily accommodated.  I paid $2200 for this at the time. Eric sells them now for $2000.  It comes with a 1400W amp with build in DSP specific for the drivers. It appears it can be pushed way harder as Eric sells them now with a 2500W amplifier.  This thing reaches crazy low given the 18" driver. But it remains clean and punchy due to the DSP and dual 8" woofers. Truly a unique subwoofer. It will come with custom dual channel XLR connections to the Amplifier, which is a rack mountable amplifier. It has some signs of wear on the drivers, but doesn't affect its sonic ability. 
I'm not looking to recuperate anything close to what I paid for it. Just wanted to offer it up to a new home if someone was interested, they can have it for a steal. 

Not sure how I could ship this thing given its size.  So local pickup would be preferred.  I am also willing to meet someone and help transport this as well.
I'm located in Tampa FL.  No idea where to price this, but I think $1000 for this entire package would give anyone a massively powerful woofer that would be hands down blow away anything else at that price. 
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