Scansonic M5 BTLnewScansonic M5 BTL Powered Monitor w/ BluetoothThese were a special from the factory. Brand new A-Stock. I have 3 pairs left and they look exactly like the photo, white & black. Reasonable offers will be accepted. STANDS ARE NOT INCLUDE...500.00

Scansonic M5 BTL Powered Monitor w/ Bluetooth [Expired]

no longer for sale

These were a special from the factory.  Brand new A-Stock.  I have 3 pairs left and they look exactly like the photo, white & black.  Reasonable offers will be accepted.  STANDS ARE NOT INCLUDED.  I do have one pair of stands in-stock in black but they are $790 for the pair.    
The M5 BTL speaker is a compact, two-way, stand-mount mini-monitor. The speaker is designed around an ultralight ribbon planar tweeter and a paper-polypropylene compound bass-midrange driver membrane. 
The speaker is crossed over at 3.5 KHz with a second order filter.
The M-5 BTL is active with 2.4GHz aptX streaming capability and four direct-wired and digital inputs. The speaker is wireless and has a powerful, 50W, class-AB amplifier built in.

The speaker was absurdly easy to setup up.  Bluetooth was a snap and ships with a remote that controls the volume and source.  These are an amazing nearfield monitor.  There is no US edition.  I will provide a domestic C7 power cord and you will need to switch from 230v to 115v.  This takes a second and requires a Philips head screwdriver.  
Amp ships with speaker wire to connect the two speakers, a headphone to headphone cable, rca to headphone and white gloves to ensure no fingerprints.  I will open the box only to insert the C7 cable prior to shipment.  


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