Boulder1010usedBoulder 1010 Preamp with remote & box -- 1 owner, near mintThis unit is in amazing, near-mint condition. It saw only 1 owner who took very good care of this preamp until we took it in from him on trade. SPECIFICATIONS ANALOG INPUTS 3 Balanced Line...5002.00

Boulder 1010 Preamp with remote & box -- 1 owner, near mint [Expired]

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This unit is in amazing, near-mint condition. It saw only 1 owner who took very good care of this preamp until we took it in from him on trade. 

ANALOG INPUTS 3 Balanced Line, 1 MC/MM Phono OUTPUTS 2 Balanced Main, 1 Record

PHONO Hi(MC) / Lo(MM) Gain Selection VOLUME 100 dB range in 0.5 dB steps

MAX GAIN 20 dB Line, 80 dB MC Phono MAX OUTPUT 14.0 Vrms

FREQ RESPONSE +0, -0.03 dB, 20 Hz to 20 kHz

THD+N, 2V OUT 0.0015%, 20 Hz to 20 kHz SYSTEM Boulderlink to Power Amps

SIZE 18.0 wide, 5.75 high, 15.85 deep (in.) WEIGHT 35, Shipping: 49 Pounds

POWER 120 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 75 W

Every high performance music reproduction system requires extreme resolution in the preamplifier. Without significant care and attention to circuit and construction detail, the clarity and realism are quickly lost.

The all analog Boulder 1010 Preamplifier fills that requirement. Drawing from the 2000 series design, the Boulder 1010 preserves the audio signal’s high quality.

The Boulder 1010 Preamplifier uses the new 983 gain stage first designed for the 1012 DAC Preamplifier. Its surface mount construction combines the best of discrete and micro-circuitry with
performance approaching the
renowned Boulder 993 used in the
2000 series. The 983’s ability to drive
cables to the power amplifier is on
par with the 993, making the cable’s
length virtually insignificant.

Balanced connections are used
exclusively for all inputs and outputs because their signal handling performance and reliability cannot be matched with any other method. To accommodate unbalanced sources and power amplifiers, specially terminated cables are used.

Balanced inputs use the sophisticated true 3-stage instrumentation style circuit for lowest distortion and highest noise rejection possible, thus obtaining

clear, quiet reproduction from all sources. Two pairs of main balanced outputs allow easy connection for bi-amplified systems.

Special attention was given to the phono stage using four-layer circuit boards, advanced component placement and Boulder’s sonically superior multi- stage design. Switchable gain settings allow both MM and MC cartridges to be used. Your irreplaceable vinyl recordings will be reproduced clearly and more faithfully than ever before.

Boulder’s very successful solid-state attenuator used in the 2010 Preamplifier is replicated in the 1010 with discrete resistors and microcircuit switching. The 200 very accurate half-dB steps allow a 100 dB range. The absence of the mechanical sliding wiper used in a continuous potentiometer yields a

significant clarity improvement.

The microprocessor and analog sections have separate power supplies and transformers. All control commands are sent to the analog section via optocouplers, maintaining

complete isolation.

The Boulder 1010 Preamplifier with its 983 analog stages make it a new standard for performance at its price point. From your favorite source, the 1010 delivers every musical note perfectly.

Boulder is justly proud of the unique fully-machined chassis. Designed to control resonances, this interlocking enclosure provides the true lasting value of quality craftsmanship and a pleasing, timeless appearance.

The large display is highly visible from across the room. Brightness is adjustable to fit the mood.

Programming of inputs makes the 1010 Preamplifier completely compatible with your system. Each input may be separately programmed for input level to match the others when changing sources. Balance and polarity allow further fine tuning. Alphabetic naming of each input clearly shows exactly what you are listening to.

Integration into a surround sound/home theater system has never been easier. By connecting the left and right front channel outputs from the processor to an input of the 1010, you will not need to reconnect cables when you want ultimate two channel performance. The theater mode option is then programmed for that input. When that input is chosen, the volume control is set at unity gain, allowing control to be taken over by the processor.

The Boulder 1010 Preamplifier’s many features are a true asset to your high performance music system.


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