Townshend AudioF1 Fractal RCA or XLRnewTownshend Audio F1 Fractal 2.5M RCA Interconnects "any lengths available" free shipping Superb!TOWNSHEND AUDIO F1 FRACTAL INTERCONNECTS 2.5M XLR OR RCA Free shipping supplied with 12 months warranty! Supplied directly from Townshend Audio, "Truly Sublime" Townshend Audio F1 Fractal...1350.00

Townshend Audio F1 Fractal 2.5M RCA Interconnects "any lengths available" free shipping Superb! [Expired]

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Free shipping supplied with 12 months warranty!   
Supplied directly from Townshend Audio, "Truly Sublime" Townshend Audio F1 Fractal price is for 2.5M pair of RCA interconnects
"The HiFi reviewers choice of cable" 
Please state choice of termination RCA or XLR when ordering thank you.   
Any lengths available. 
HI-FI NEWS VERDICT: "This is a cracking set of cables – Townshend may be rather coy about the Fractal process itself but the benefits of cryogenic cooling are already well established just as the elegant solid-core conductor and air/PTFE methodology ticks all the right boxes. The cable sounds deliciously smooth and detailed, promoting the kind of easy-listening, inky-black backgrounds typically associated with the best audio systems. Go on, treat yourself!

Fractal F1 Interconnect - HiFi News Editor's Choice Award - PAUL MILLER 


F1 Fractal™ Interconnect
Fractal-Wire™ is Townshend Audio’s ultimate interconnect. It took a long time to improve the Isolda EDCT (Enhanced™ Deep Cryogenic Treatment), but we finally achieved it by developing the Fractal-Wire™ proprietary treatment process. 
This is as big a breakthrough as was achieved and much imitated when we discovered the benefits of Enhanced Deep Cryogenic Treatment (also applied to Fractal-Wire™). But this time we’re keeping the details to ourselves! Suffice to say that you have not heard a truly transparent cable until you’ve heard Townshend Audio Fractal-Wire™.  
Each Fractal-Wire™ Interconnect is made by hand because this is the only way to build a cable that has the absolute minimum contact with the insulator. The signal travels through a very thin polyester coated enamelled copper wire, which is spiralled around a much thicker bare copper ground. Because signal and return conductors are so tightly spaced external electric fields cannot get in. As a result, these cables completely stop hum in valve amplifier setups, whilst blocking radio frequency interference (RFI). 
As the signal conductors only come into occasional contact with the inner of the two concentric PTFE tubes degradation due dielectric mass is kept at the barest minimum. The PTFE tubes are in turn placed inside a clear PVC outer.    
Fractal-Wire™ is terminated in the industry best Neutrik Profi RCA phono plugs which have a spring loaded ground collar. The balanced version of Fractal-Wire™ incorporates two strands of the ultra-fine enamelled copper conductor spiralled together with a parallel drain wire but no shielding, it is terminated with Neutrik XLR plugs.
F1 Fractal Interconnect mini-review

Robert H.Levi Positive Feedback:
On the heels of the ridiculously superb (passive) Allegri+ preamplifier (HERE), with its secret sauce…fractal wire…comes the introduction to America of Townshend F1 Fractal Interconnects. (There are speaker cables also, but I did not have them for review.) The interconnects are extremely exotic looking and terminated in excellent shielded push-on connectors. Featuring air dielectric, they are even cryo’ed! They are neutral, open, and superbly detailed. Without a doubt, if you own an Allegri+, you’ll want these, at the very least, connecting it to your amplifier for the purest clarity possible. 
I broke them in on a Cable Cooker for 48 hours, and tried them in various locations in two systems. They were immediately sonically perfect in and around the Allegri+. Otherwise, the F1 may need a bit of tube rolling or cable swapping to perfectly match their unmatched lack of colorations in your particular system. I heard no lumps or bumps from lowest lows to airiest highs with the F1. What I do hear is definition to die for, with extraordinary in-the-room realism.  

These will have audiophiles going nuts for years as they grasp the earth shaking engineering and near perfection of these interconnects. All I know is that connectivity is truly the final frontier. 
You must try these if you can afford $1000-$1500 for RCA/XLR for the first meter. I hope to have more to say about this obvious break-through in interconnects…and very possibly speaker cables…soon. This F1 interconnect is a superstar!”
Robert H. Levi – Positive Feedback Issue 95 

I played lots of different music using a selection of sources, both valve and transistor. I particularly wanted to check three areas; 1) depth of frequency range, 2) dynamic range, and 3) how complex sound structures were conveyed from source to amplifier. The first area passed with flowing colours, from lowest bass thumps in ‘Sister Drum’ by Dadawa, to the cymbals in 1970’s LP ‘Feel the Love’ by Love Song was the best I have ever heard. The skin factor, which can limit high frequencies would be off the scale, so no problem there. Dynamic range was not an issue in even the most complex tracks I played; whether Nono, Neillson, Mahler, Sibelius or Britten, or Tangalgo’s energetic ‘La Zucca Barucca’. The complex orchestration in The Pines of Rome, Respighi, (Chicago Symphony Orchestra) was unflustered. This cable could do it all, and with all types of music. Quite simply, this cable was so open, transparent and unflappable, uninfluenced by anything around it, that I was quite taken aback. Nothing added and nothing taken away. I could just concentrate on the music around me; not the cables and not the hi-Fi! The cable, itself, was just not there. It didn’t worry me that it wasn’t the most beautiful looking or the thickest. I actually didn’t want to see it, I just want to ‘see’ the sound in a 3D audio arena from two speakers. And I really could! It worked equally well with Wilson Benesch, B&W or Graham LS5/9s, and with vinyl or CD into transistor or valve amplifiers. My Krell KSS 20i CD is well known for bass emphasis, sometimes overstating the rest of the audio, but it didn’t mask or slow the rest of the frequencies.
I have personally only found two other interconnects that don’t leave a musical signature – whether it be tonal or timing –  this F1 was up on the top with them, and much faster than Lewis Hamilton.  I rarely get excited about cables, and having initially expected these to not be anything special, going by the unique design, I have to admit I was wrong. These proved that thinking outside the box can actually be the most sensible thing to do. Something Max does every day.   
I rarely get excited at interconnect, speaker or mains cables. There can be such differences in them. But to find one that just doesn’t leave any footprint and makes my music sound as real as it did in these test, is something I really want to shout out about. This is as good as it gets."
  Rober H Levi for Positive Feedback 2018  
Please buy with complete confidence from Townshend Audio thank you!  


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