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Pass Labs XS300 [Expired]

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Up for your consideration is unarguably one of the best amplifiers in the world and the top high-power offering from industry legend, Nelson Pass. Many consider these the best, as they have the sound of great tube amps in the midrange and that of the best solid state at the top and bottom. They simply play music in a natural, organic "fool you alive" sound. Nelson is correct when he says that they are a new industry benchmark. I have enjoyed every moment with these amps, but it is time for me to downsize my system and I don’t want to move these into a smaller space. 


As you can see from the images this set is the only black pair in the world and were custom factory upgraded for the former owner (I am the second owner), a personal friend of the principals at Pass Labs.  This set have special umbilicals from Silent Source (as well as the stock ones - you decide) and some "too expensive for production" parts upgrades to the power supply.  This includes silver plated ofc copper buss bars instead of aluminum. He paid for the extra parts and work and it paid off with substantially better sound.  


The other upgrades in include the breakers, which have large silver contacts instead of thin fuse wire.  Connectors are silver plated ofc copper instead of rhodium which sounds weird.  The binding posts also have a delerin pad which compresses for a tight connection and also protects speaker cable spades.  The heavy copper nut dampens micro vibrations.  The recessed iec is state of the art which deals with microphonics as well as current flow.  The iec itself is machined delrin with silver plated off copper pins.  The recess helps keep proper connection and, of course, prevents the power cord from being accidentally kicked out.  In addition, the large power supply buss bars are silver-plated copper instead of aluminum.  This pair also comes with a custom built XLR pin to use if you are going unbalanced, which I would not recommend.  They can be seen on the owner’s manual in one of the pictures. Finally, this set was sent out to Neal Feay in Santa Barbara do the case work and the finish is spectacular and flawless. The surface finish which Neal Feay did is far superior to the finish on all stock units.  


The point,  this pair of Xs300s sound and look superior to any other pair in the world.  All told, the bare cost of the work done to improve these amps was over $20K plus labor, that’s $105K worth of amplification new. These are flawless, I can’t find a mark on them anywhere and all factory packaging is mint and complete, including custom fabricated pallets that will ship with them for freight – total shipping weight is 2 pallets at 790lbs.  They have the upgraded umbilical’s (stock is also included), but no power cords are included.  I ran each side with an uninterrupted 8gauge OFC power cord from 20amp breaker to male IEC (15amp plug).    


Wire transfer or bank check (after clearing) only and shipping will be FedEx freight or YRC Freight to be negotiated during sale – local pickup is also a safe option (54701). If you are reading this, you are likely aware that you are looking at 4 large boxes with 300lbs as side (600lbs total and 790lbs boxed on pallets (2)) and they take up a lot of floor space and need room to breathe. Low ballers will be politely ignored and I am not interested in any trades. Thanks for looking.  

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“Solid State Product of the Year”
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“Best Performance of the Year 2014”
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“Best Products of the year 2013 Award”
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“Some might even proclaim them as the very best”
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“The end result is musically realistic and involving at every level.”
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