PS AudioM1200usedPS Audio M1200 Stellar Monoblocks 600 WPC MinimumSelling some of my high end gear to pay bills. These are the toughest to part with - fantastic tube input PS Audio Stellar M1200 monoblock amps in fantastic condition. I have one original box, but ...4999.00

PS Audio M1200 Stellar Monoblocks 600 WPC Minimum

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Selling some of my high end gear to pay bills. These are the toughest to part with - fantastic tube input PS Audio Stellar M1200 monoblock amps in fantastic condition. I have one original box, but the second was recycled by mistake, will ship securely. The warranty is completely transferable and covered until July 2023 as I purchased in July 2020. Cannot say one bad thing about these amps and sad I need to part with them, but such is life sometimes. 600 WPC into 8 OHMS and it only gets more powerful with more demanding speakers. 
The Stellar M1200 mono amplifiers solve a classic problem with nearly every power amplifier made: sonic compression. When the orchestra gets loud and complex, or the band really starts to rock it out, most power amplifiers get out of their comfort zone and we hear their stress and strain as compression. The M1200 was designed to play any music into any loudspeaker with zero compression. Suddenly, more than just a sonic veil is lifted when a pair of M1200s are inserted. Where once music’s character was preserved on only soft to medium loud passages, with the M1200s in play, there’s no difference between the softest to the loudest complex passages known. Music is delivered without prejudice to the recording’s dynamics.

Rated at 600 Watts into 8Ω and a whopping 1200 Watts into 4Ω, the M1200 combines the best of two worlds: ultra-linear, high-current, ICE Edge Class D technology for the output stage; and a discrete, Class-A vacuum tube for the all-important input stage. The M1200’s rich, warm, and beautifully nuanced reproduction of music comes first from the zero feedback, class A vacuum tube input stage. Here nothing is lost in its hand-selected 12AU7 vacuum tube, fed from its own analog power supply.

Our mission with the Stellar M1200 was to produce a remarkably musical power amplifier without limitations, regardless of what speakers were paired with it. A common misconception in audio is that power amplifiers should be matched with loudspeakers by wattage: smaller sensitive speakers should be paired with small amplifiers and the opposite for larger, less sensitive speakers. The truth is, for a given loudness within a room all power amplifiers deliver the same wattage to match a loudspeaker’s sensitivity. What’s missing in most systems is a power amplifier with overkill-headroom.  Only then can we fully appreciate what a massive improvement unfettered dynamics brings to the system.

The M1200’s designer, PS Audio engineer Darren Myers, wanted to see what would happen when he combined one of the world’s highest power amplifier stages with a rich and warm vacuum tube input stage—the results set us all back on our heels. This hybrid approach combines the best of today’s technology with time-honored techniques leveraging PS Audio’s forty-plus years of experience.

The results are extraordinarily musical and dynamic, even on bookshelf loudspeakers. Never have listeners heard such uncompressed beauty from small or large speakers. This amplifier has transformed good to great in ways few among us have imagined possible. After hundreds of hours of tuning, voicing, and perfectionist tweaking, we were ready to release this extraordinary combination of power and delicacy to the world.

One listen to the Stellar M1200 pair and you’ll appreciate Myers’ dedication to musical truth without compromise.

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