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REL S/5 Subwoofer

Dynamic, Fast, and Visceral Serie S Flagship Completes Any Speaker System and Declared by The Absolute Sound "An Exceptional Performer In Any Class"

REL's S/5 subwoofer, the flagship of Serie S, exudes majesty, grandness, and refinement. S/5 specializes in reference-grade reproduction of the most difficult-to-render musical instruments and passages. At home even in the largest two-channel and home-theater setups, S/5 possesses lightning speed, visceral attack, tremendous slam, massive scale, and pinpoint refinement. REL’s proprietary Continuous Cast Cone bass engine, carbon passive radiator, and super-powerful 550W digital amplifier round out what is nothing less than a landmark design. If you’ve had reservations about adding a sub to your stereo, or think you’ve heard all your music has to offer, S/5 will come as a revelation.

"REL makes superb active subwoofers in general and this one is so good, it is peer to at least one 15 inch model and other products nearly twice the price. In the Serie S, driver and amplifier engineering have created a new benchmark."
– Home Cinema Choice, Best Buy Award

New Alloy Cone Structure Exceeds Reference Standards Set Just a Few Years Ago
S/5's 12” driver features an all-new alloy cone structure that generates performance that exceeds reference products of only a few years ago. By reducing moving mass and adhering to a balanced approach to design, REL's engineering team produced far more speed than prior designs. By carefully adjusting key parameters, REL increased the self-quieting key to a high-end component's ability to resolve space and inner detail.

"In both subtle and not so subtle ways the REL S/5 completed every speaker system it partnered with. Ultimately, it’s up to every audiophile to ask himself whether he wants the whole musical picture—the entirety of the soundscape. If your answer to that question is an unqualified yes, then consider yourself warned: Don’t even think of plugging in the S/5 if you ever expect to use that outlet again. An exceptional performer in any class."

—Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound


Carbon Passive Radiator Allows for Sliding-Scale Behavior

S/5 uses a special carbon/carbon passive that is stiff, lightweight, and incredibly well-behaved. REL's approach to passive design results in performance more akin to a variable ratio driver size. On an S/5, think of it as a sliding ratio design wherein the S/5 begins as an ultra-fast 12" sealed box design and, as more power and deeper bass is demanded, S/5 gradually morphs into the power and output of a 15" design.


NextGen2 550W Digital Amplifier Yields Fast, Extended Lows

Beyond proprietary drivers, the performance of a REL is determined by unique input filters and amplifiers. REL S/5 uses a simple filter-type that is very fast--about 8 milliseconds in group delay--to cross out unwanted higher frequencies to the driver. This speed and carefully sorted filters allow for seamless blending of RELs with the main speakers. REL does not include a high pass filter to cross out bass from the main speaker because to do so would generally produce more unwanted effects than the minor benefits such a design confers. S/5's power amplifier is a powerful NextGen2 550W digital amplifier. This design has powered thousands of RELs and has proven exceptionally reliable and very fast with deep, extended lows--it provides a perfect mate to the new driver.


Wireless Freedom: LongBow Connectivity

LongBow permits very fast, uncompressed bass to be sent wirelessly within the same room approximately 45 feet (somewhat dependent upon room clutter). REL selected an uncompressed format as it results in natural, quick delivery compared with conventional wi-fi or Bluetooth systems. REL developed LongBow with both high level (or low level with crossover intact) AND .1 channel delivery so that REL Theatre Reference performance can be maintained even when using the wireless delivery system.


I am selling the Subwoofer with the LongBow wireless transmitter.  The Subwoofer has one small blemish on the lower right hand corner of the control panel.  The LongBow wireless transmitter is free of blemishes.

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