Conrad JohnsonPremier 140 with Teflon Capacitor UpgradeusedConrad Johnson Premier 140 Teflon Capacitor Upgrade with Extra Tubes!Price is lowered so it’s priced to sell!This is one of the best amplifiers you will ever have the pleasure of playing. I unfortunately have to let it go to consolidate my system. This amp is speci...4295.00

Conrad Johnson Premier 140 Teflon Capacitor Upgrade with Extra Tubes! [Expired]

no longer for sale

Price is lowered so it’s priced to sell!

This is one of the best amplifiers you will ever have the pleasure of playing.  I unfortunately have to let it go to consolidate my system. This amp is special.  I picked this up locally the beginning of 2016.  The previous owner sent it to Conrad Johnson the beginning of 2014 to rebuild the power supply ($650) and to upgrade the whole amp with Teflon Capacitors ($2K+) as utilized in their highest  current production models to date.  This is an upgraded amp with Teflon Capacitors!  It is a $10K amp.

Since this was part of my secondary system, it was barely used and it has worked flawlessly. This drove my Sonus Faber Guarneri and Amati Anniversario effortlessly with glorious sound.

This amp comes with extra goodies.  It has a brand new set of KT120 power tubes: and a set of KT120 with quite a bit of life left in them.  Same goes for the Sovtek 6H30.  One set brand new, one set with a lot of life.  And one set of Electro Harmonic 6H30, brand new, maybe 40 hours use.  Sound is so quiet with this amp you really hear what (NO) background noise is all about.  This is a very clear and quiet amp.  It’s not solid state quiet, but there is no hiss at all when you put your ears up to any of the speaker cones.  It’s Tube - and that good.

The 6922 is the real magic tube in this amp.  I am including 1 Telefunken by Upscale Audio.  This is a $170 tube.  Very neutral, clear and free of any noise.  I am also including 2 Ediswan CV6922, also by upscale audio.  These are a little more full and warm, very quiet.  All the tubes I am including were tested for microphonics.  They are the best of the best.  In all there is easily close to $1K in fresh tubes included with this unit.  There is nothing for you to purchase for quite a few years.  All the KT120, and 6H30 I get from Cryoset Tubes.  They are all excellent matched tubes.  The owner of cryoset freezes all his tubes, then burns them, then matches them.  Comes with purchase receipts for the tubes, and Teflon cap upgrade and power supply rebuild receipt from CJ. 

The condition is very good.  The cage has a very light ring stain on it, but do not use it.  The front is very clean with one small dent in the top upper left of the gold face.  The black body of the unit is pretty darn clean.  There are a couple small scratches here and there.  Nothing deep and pronounced.  It looks very good.  One RCA connector in the back rotates but it works just fine and has no sonic impact.

I have an original box.  It is torn.  UPS likes to grab the straps which tare into the box.  It’s a 100lb unit.   As such the original box with plywood at the bottom and on top is further encased in a plywood crate.   Shipping is going to cost around $160.  Will ship the tubes on a separate box, will only ship fully insured, no exceptions. Prefer a local pick up.  Please no lowballs, those with zero feedback please contact me first. No warranty as this is used and all sale is final. Please see my impeccable feedback the past couple decades for your peace of mind. Thanks. 

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