PolyTableSignaturenewPolyTable SignatureIntroducing the PolyTable Signature Production starts in 3 weeks$2995.00 WITHOUT TONEARM Shown with Sorane 12.7 inch arm $1875.00 Jasmine air bearing arm $2995.00The PolyTable Signature is a...2995.00

PolyTable Signature [Expired]

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Introducing the PolyTable Signature 

Production starts in 3 weeks


Shown with Sorane 12.7 inch arm $1875.00        Jasmine air bearing arm $2995.00

The PolyTable Signature is a new two-tier Energy Management Design model. The platter bearing and tonearm are located on a plinth isolated from the base. The Fluid Damped Motor System (damps torque impulse peaks) sits on it’s own isolated base.  The motor is operated via the DMD, accuracy 3 parts per million.

The PolyTable is compatible with most tonearms up to and including 12.7 inches in length. (12 inches recommended).

The PolyTable Signature is compact and extremely easy to set up.

The PolyTable Signature uses a two-piece decoupled platter system. With a bonded RCC mat.

What will the PolyTable Signature Turntable bring the owner? I have spent my life designing for the person that has an enduring passion for music but can not spend the cost of their car for a turntable. This is the culmination.   

Please compare it to the 100K plus turntables or any other!

Cost $2995.00 without tonearm.                              MADE IN THE USA!


DMD (Digital Motor Drive)

Any turntable that has fixed speed (no manual variation) cannot retain speed accurately under all temperature and humidity conditions. The expansion / contraction coefficients of the drive materials will vary with the environment.

A variable speed control solves this problem. The result is retention of accurate pitch.

The AC line power is contaminated with multi frequency trash. Direct line coupled motors will suffer noise problems and can have speed accuracy issues. Without a buffer, this trash is fed directly into the motor and coupled into the drive system and record support platter.            

A properly designed motor drive will totally isolate the turntable drive system from this trash and allow the motor to run smooth. This will help to eliminate the clouding of micro level information and lead to improved resolution culminating in better imaging, detail and musical realism. Unlike a DC motor were speed is feedback controlled and is susceptible to servo hunting, a synchronous motor is frequency controlled and is more desirable for turntable drive. An add on motor drive system that produces power line voltage and has a receptacle that the table plugs into is not as effective. The synchronous motor phase shift capacitor is still in use. This capacitor renders, not a true 90 degree phase shift, adding impulse noise (motor dose not run as smooth). The Digital Motor Drive uses a regulated DC power supply powering a microprocessor, employing crystal controlled adjustable dual oscillators for sine and cosine drive (true 90 degree phase shift). The low distortion precision sine wave dual oscillators drive two high power low distortion amplifiers that power the motor windings. This allows absolute total isolation from the power line. Speed sweep is plus or minus 2 percent. The turntable speed is checked with an on board strobe light driven by a short pulse crystal controlled square wave oscillator. Speed accuracy is three parts per million. Touch button logic control is employed. (On Off and Speed Select) The Digital Motor Drive System is the most advanced drive system available.


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