RELS5/SHOusedREL S5/SHO PairTwo REL S5/SHO subwoofers. Many terrific reviews online. I am the original owner of both. Non-smoking household. They work perfectly. One is an 8/10 without any obvious blemishes on the piano ...1800.00

REL S5/SHO Pair [Expired]

no longer for sale

Two REL S5/SHO subwoofers.  Many terrific reviews online.  I am the original owner of both.  Non-smoking household.  They work perfectly.  One is an 8/10 without any obvious blemishes on the piano black finish or on the grill that I can see.  The other is a 7/10. It has a small hole in the grill and has a few scratches that are thinner than hairs on the top.  I tried to capture the scratches on the photos but never could, the piano black finish is hard to photograph well.  The grill hole is shown in a photo.  One of the photos also shows a smudge on the top of the subwoofer which was just that, my fingerprint, but is not a defect.   They really are in nice shape.  I have power cords and the Neutrik connectors for both.  I do not have boxes so initially would ask for local pickup.  If they do not sell I will get some boxes from REL and widen the net.   I am in Baltimore, Maryland.   Would prefer to sell as a pair but can discuss pricing for one.  The price of $2000.00 is the total for the pair.   Retail was 2599.99 each.
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