Townshend AudioEDCT Isolda Speaker cablenewTownshend Audio EDCT Isolda Speaker cable 3M pair "any lengths available" free worldwide shipping Superb!TOWNSHEND Is Happy To Bring You: TOWNSHEND AUDIO EDCT ISOLDA SPEAKER CABLE 3 METER PAIR HAND MADE IN THE UK Free Worldwide shipping 24 months manufactures warranty "MULTI AWARD WINNING" Townsh...895.00

Townshend Audio EDCT Isolda Speaker cable 3M pair "any lengths available" free worldwide shipping Superb!

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TOWNSHEND Is Happy To Bring You:

Free Worldwide shipping 24 months manufactures warranty  

"MULTI AWARD WINNING" Townshend Audio EDCT ISOLDA Speaker Cable price is for a 3 meter pair complete with original packaging fitted with brand new terminations of choice, Gold plated Spades, Stack-able Bananas as pictured or Z type Bananas.

Any lengths available please do not hesitate to contact me with your requirements thank you! Please state termination choices when ordering, Thank you

EDCT Enhanced Deep Cryogenic Treatment is only bettered by Townshend Audio’s own F1 Fractal cable. 


Townshend Audio EDCT (Enhanced Deep Cryogenically Treated) Isolda Speaker cables have an enviable reputation as being the best cables you can buy. They are a natural and satisfying component for the discerning listener, neither adding nor taking away anything to or from the sound, while never becoming fatiguing or irritating. They are just right! We even recommend the use of our Isolda speaker cables in un-equal lengths as the sound is virtually the same, regardless of length.
Townshend Isolda EDCT Speaker Cable use very closely spaced insulated flat copper conductors in a polyester braid sheath. Unlike the majority of speaker cables this cable’s close spacing means it is virtually immune to RFI (radio frequency interference) and presents an impedance which closely matches that of the loudspeaker. The result is bass with a solidity and power that is truly seismic, accompanied with genuinely silent backgrounds and incredible 3D imaging.
One astute audiophile remarked that utilising the Isolda speaker cable “ended his Alice-in-Wonderland experience with high-end cables” and he is now able to sit down, relax and listen to music

    Townshend Isolda Cables - Jay Fisher 6Moons Review: 
"Woohoo! When the music poured through these British cables, I blurted an involuntary hoot of approval. The Townshend Isolda cables have much of the midrange openness, clarity and easy flow of the Skywire 1400s but with the addition of greater treble sparkle and deep, take-no-prisoners bass. The lowest plucked acoustic bass notes in "The Saga Of Harrison Crabfeathers" on Brian Bromberg’s virtuosic Wood [A440 Records/ART7009] became more articulate, with clearer pitch definition and harmonic overtones than I had previously heard. I was also surprised by the Isoldas’ seemingly higher efficiency."
"If called upon, these cables can convey a huge and realistic soundstage. They are equally big on tone and texture, which is authentic in character. The Townshend Isoldas are killer cables (maybe even giant killers) and represent great value."
The best and we think, the ideal speaker cable, with the added bonus that unlike other cables, different lengths sound the same allowing the use of unequal lengths, saving you money and doing away with unsightly bundles.The gold standard! Constructed with black braid over insulated EDCT copper strips terminated with unique stabilizing RF filters, housed in black anodized aluminium boxes at each end. As with all Townshend’s EDCT cables, Isolda speaker cables are subjected to the Enhanced Deep Cryogenic Treatment process, which give a superior performance to regular Deep Cryogenic Treatment.
Piggy-back banana connectors are fitted as standard, but alternative types of connectors are available to order.
For biwire, add extra runs of cable.
Wherever electronic signals are transmitted by wire, be it telephone, video, digital data, radio or TV, the impedance (NOT resistance) of the interconnecting cable is ALWAYS matched to either the source or the load, to prevent distortion. This rule is almost universally ignored in the case of hi-fi where about the most important link of all is the speaker cable. The result is a grossly mismatched connection, with the mismatch being typically twenty-to-one, as most speakers have a nominal impedance of about eight ohms and typical cables a characteristic impedance between 100 ohms and 400 ohms. No wonder speaker cables sound wrong!
Townshend Audio Isolda Impedance Matched Loudspeaker Cable, which has a characteristic impedance of eight ohms, remedies this.
To achieve an impedance match at such low impedance values the cable must exhibit very low inductance and high capacitance. It is well known that high capacitance can upset some amplifiers, which become unstable. To counteract this, a correctly engineered, inaudible inductor, in parallel with a damping resistor, is inserted in series with each leg of the cable, at the amplifier end, for assured stability. The two inductors also act as a filter to prevent radio frequency interference (RFI), present in abundance at the end of the cable, from passing to the circuitry of the amplifier. Further, the very close spacing of the conductors in the cable provides a further level of RF rejection. The result is black silence.
What happens when the impedance between the cable and the speaker is closely matched? The answer, MAGIC! The sound is fast but not bright; it is clear, open, fatigue-free and grain-free. Bass notes are precisely defined, deep and tuneful, with amazing impact. The midband, especially female vocals and solo instruments, takes on a naturalness never before heard from reproduced sound. The treble is smooth and fast with both brilliance and sparkle. But the cables never sound bright, brittle, grainy or spitty. They just sound ‘right’.
These inherent Isolda characteristics are further enhanced by subjecting the copper conductors to EDCT where the copper is slowly cooled to about 190 degrees Celsius, held there for a number of hours, and then gradually returned to room temperature.
EDCT is proven to improve the lattice structure of copper, eliminating small ‘dislocations’, and having an amazing effect on the cable’s final sound. Dynamics are improved, clarity is further enhanced and the sound takes on a difficult to describe but immediately recognisable naturalness that untreated cables cannot match.
Construction of the Isolda Loudspeaker Cable is both attractive and practical. The two flat strip conductors and their very thin tough polyester insulation are sheathed in a hard-wearing polyester braid, terminated at each end with non-magnetic stainless steel cylinders. These enclose the complex cable transition as well as the inductors at the amplifier end. Flexible, insulated copper wire tails connect to banana, spade, BFA or Speakon connectors to complete the cable.
The strip conductors are arranged to slide over each other, through the braid and through the cylinders, to minimise buckling when coiling the cable. It can be laid under carpet and folded at right angles. It must not, however, be trodden upon when on a hard floor or when on edge.
Isolda Loudspeaker Cable is sold in pre-terminated lengths. As the cables are impedance matched, which means that the sound does not change with length therefore unequal runs may be used for each speaker Bi – or tri-wiring makes a significant improvement. Biwiring is implemented by parallel connecting two identical cables. The parallel connections at the amplifier end is by unique ‘piggy back’ banana connectors

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