MeridianSooloos Control 15usedMeridian Sooloos Control 15The Meridian Sooloos Control 15Embodies all the functions of a Meridian Sooloos system in a single unit –storage, playback & control – and it’s MQA-ready. Simply add loudspeakers.Like new in fa...1400.00

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Meridian Sooloos Control 15 [Expired]

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The Meridian Sooloos Control 15

Embodies all the functions of a Meridian Sooloos system in a single unit –

storage, playback & control – and it’s MQA-ready. Simply add loudspeakers.

Like new in factory double boxes.


The Control 15 will store the
equivalent of up to about 1000 CD albums in the open-source FLAC (Free,
Lossless Audio Compression) format, thanks to its internal 500GB hard drive. If

additional Meridian Sooloos products with hard-disk storage are available on
the network, the Control 15 will share these resources for storage, and render
audio from them.

A Compact Disc drive is included in
the Control 15, allowing music to be loaded on to the system direct from CD.

Media can also be added via the
Control PC and Control Mac applications from disc or via online downloads.


The Control 15 features a brand-new
audio output design which includes the very best of Meridian’s experience with
digital sound. Digital signal processing provides the full range of digital
audio features for which Meridian is renowned, such as up sampling for enhanced

audio performance and an ultra-low-jitter clocking system for superior stereo
imaging and digital audio performance.


Audio is output via Meridian’s
SpeakerLink technology, which uses RJ45 “ethernet-style” cables to carry
balanced digital audio and control signals between Meridian components and
Meridian DSP Loudspeakers, allowing for extremely straightforward installation
and interconnection, and maximum audio quality.

This also means that a complete
Meridian Sooloos system can be created simply with a Control 15 and a pair of
Meridian DSP Loudspeakers.

The Control 15
also provides an S/PDIF coaxial output for connection to third-party systems.

This port may also be used with legacy Meridian systems in conjunction with the
rear panel


The Control 15 embodies Meridian’s award-winning,
ultra-intuitive Sooloos software with touch-screen interface, allowing instant
access to a Meridian Sooloos music collection in many different ways.

With a high-contrast, high-resolution (1280 x
1024 pixels) 17-inch LCD display, the Control 15 features a sensitive resistive
touch panel that responds instantly to a fingertip.

The Control 15 integrates fully into an existing
Meridian Sooloos system, and is able to control other zones, seamlessly access
additional storage and be operated from other control devices.

The latest Meridian Sooloos software offers
advanced music discovery, integrating Rhapsody®* and Internet Radio services;
streamlined system configuration; zone playback synchronisation; third-party
control, including Crestron Meridian Comms DIN connector

provided on integration; and dedicated Sooloos iPad and iPhone
applications enabling wireless control.

MQA – Master Quality

Control 15 features Meridian Sooloos’ signature
lossless audio storage, making it a perfect carrier for audio encoded with
Meridian’s revolutionary MQA – Master Quality Authenticated – which delivers
studio master quality audio to listeners wherever they are.


Integrated heatsinks in the Control 15’s machined aluminum chassis eliminate fans, making it almost completely silent. As a
result it is entirely appropriate for operation in the most demanding of
listening rooms.


Like all Meridian Sooloos
components, the Control 15 connects to the network using standard TCP/IP
Ethernet, using either the supplied Neutrik EtherCon connectors or any

CAT5/5e/6 cable with RJ45 connectors.



A complete Meridian Sooloos system in
a single free-standing device. With its lossless storage of audio
files, Control 15 is ready for MQA, Meridian’s revolutionary Master Quality

Authenticated system for delivering studio master quality to the listener.

Stores around 1000 CD albums in
lossless format along with MP3 versions for export to personal music players,
utilising a 500GB hard drive.

High-contrast 17-inch touch-screen
interface responds instantly to commands and provides direct access to music.
Also controllable via MSR+ or the Sooloos iPhone/iPad app.

Integrated audio renderer features
full suite of Meridian’s audio-enhancing DSPtechnologies, delivering pristine

Interfaces with Meridian systems via
SpeakerLink and provides high-resolution S/PDIF to any digital music system.


Can also be networked to any other
Meridian Sooloos product, including other Control 15 devices, adding extra
storage or extra zones.

Easy access to music services such as
Rhapsody and high-resolution streaming from TIDAL (where available) plus
thousands of internet radio stations.

Includes a Compact Disc drive, allowing music to be loaded on to
the system direct from CD.

Outline Specifications

Network Interface

• 1 Ethernet (RJ45) or Neutrik


Audio Connections:

• Meridian SpeakerLink (RJ45)

• 1 S/PDIF coaxial digital output,

RCA type

Control Connection:

• Meridian Comms (DIN)

• IR input (3.5mm jack)

Audio Processing:

• Ultra-stable clock for lowest

possible jitter

• “Apodising” upsampling filter for

ultimate digital performance

• Meridian MQA Ready

LCD Display:

• Screen
: 17 inch

diagonal (43cm)

• Resolution: 1280 x 1024


• Brightness: 350 cdm2

• Viewing

: 150º

Touch Panel

• Type: Analogue
resistive 5-wire

• Activation

: < 50g

• Structure: Film/Glass

• Lifetime/Durability: 35 million



• 457 x 345 x 185mm / 18 x 13.6 x

7.3in (WHD)


• Adjusts from 0º (vertical) to 50º (tilted)


• 10.75kg (23.6lb)


• 12V DC 12.5A,

150W (mini-DIN) via external AC adapter 110-230V (supplied) with removable IEC

3-prong power cable


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