NakamichiDragonusedNAKAMICHI DRAGON Audiophile Cassette deck,Willy Hermann Overhauled, Near MintNAKAMICHI DRAGON THE LEGENDARY AUDIOPHILE AUTO REVERSE CASSETTE DECK IN NEAR MINT CONDITION High Serial Number 120 ~ 240 volts One Year Warranty Overhauled By Willy HermannMade In JapanPlease Also...4000.00

NAKAMICHI DRAGON Audiophile Cassette deck,Willy Hermann Overhauled, Near Mint [Expired]

no longer for sale


High Serial Number 

120 ~ 240 volts

One Year Warranty 

Overhauled  By Willy Hermann

Made In Japan

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This Nakamichi Dragon is part of my collection. Please read the specs and info about this Legendary unit that is considered one of the best Cassette players of all time. The unit is in Near Mint condition. Please check the YouTube video bellow.


Nakamichi Dragon Cassette Deck

          LPs and 45-rpm singles remained the unchallenged music formats throughout the 1950s, 1960s, and well into the 1970s when the Compact Cassette really took off. Cassettes were more portable and didn’t suffer from scratches and surface noise issues (but tape hiss could be a problem). The cassette was also the first recordable format to garner a bona-fide, mass-market foothold.

With a tape speed of 1 7/8 inches per second, the cassette wasn’t initially considered a high-fidelity format, but thanks to the fierce competition among cassette-deck manufacturers, sound quality advances quickly elevated the format’s status. Nakamichi emerged as the uncontested king of the hill when it built the world’s first three-head machine in 1973. That deck, the 1000, had separate playback, record, and erase heads, and some owners thought it sounded as good as the better open-reel tape machines. While Nakamichi may have looked like an overnight sensation in the U.S., the company was founded in 1948 in Tokyo, Japan. In 1982, it raised the ante yet again with the Dragon, the ultimate consumer-cassette machine.

 The feature that made the Dragon the ne plus ultra deck was its Automatic Azimuth Correction technology. With this technology, all tapes—even prerecorded ones—were played in perfect alignment to ensure accurate and airy, high-frequency response (and for both “sides” of the tape). The Dragon’s downside was that its record bias settings weren’t automated, as they were on many other high-end decks. The Dragon required hand tweaking to optimize recording quality. But if you got it right, it was really right. Nakamichi’s tape transport mechanism used different sized diameters (and, hence, rotational speeds) for the two capstans and flywheels to ensure the smoothest possible tape movement over the record and playback heads. To deal with tape hiss inherent with the Compact Cassette format, the Dragon had Dolby B and C noise reduction, but Nakamichi never added the more advanced Dolby HX Pro. 

Priced at $2,499


  • Display

      • 4-Digıt Digital Counter
      • Digital Peak-Reading Meters
    • Connectivity
      • Headphones
      • RCA Input/Output Connectors
      • Wired Remote Control
      • Din DC Power Output For BlackBox Series
      • AC Power Cord / Plug
    • Head Configuration
      • 3 Head Design
      • Seperate Record and Playback Heads
      • 4 Track / 2 Channel
    • Noise Reduction
      • Dolby-B Noise Reduction
      • Dolby-C Noise Reduction
      • Double Dolby NR Circuits
      • MPX Filter
      • Subsonic Filter
    • Calibration
      • 15kHz Test Tone
      • 400Hz Test Tone
      • Auto Playback Azimuth Correction
      • Manual Bias Calibration
      • Manual Level Calibration
    • Preamplifier
      • Output-Level Control
      • Individual Input Level Controls
    • Operation
      • Tape Start Memory
      • Timer Recording/Playback
      • Auto Record Pause
      • Memory Play
      • Memory Stop
      • Punch-In Recording
      • Real-Time Tape Monitoring
      • Record Mute
      • Cue / Review
      • Full Logic Transport Control
      • 2-Speed Cueing
      • Electronic Fade-In
      • Electronic Fade-Out
    • Transport
      • Pressure Pad Lifter
      • Dual-Capsŧan Transport
      • Auto Reverse
      • Slack-Tape Takeup
      • Direct Drive (Capsŧan)
      • Mechanical Tape Loading
      • Auto Shutoff
      • Double Direct Drive (Capsŧan)
      • 3x Motor Mechanism
      • Idler Drive (Reel)
      • Belt Drive (Mechanism)
      • Belt Drive (Azimuth Adjustment)
    • Special Finish
      • Gold Plated Input/Output Jacks
    • Tape
      • Manual Tape Equalization
      • Chrome Tape Capabılity
      • Normal Tape Capabılity
      • Metal Tape Capabılity
      • Manual Tape Type Selection
    • Electronics
      • Double NF Record And Play Amplifiers
      • Record Protection
    • Indicators
      • Record
      • Illuminated Cassette Compartment
      • Fast Forward
      • Play
      • Pause
      • Stop
      • Rewind
      • Chrome Tape
      • Metal Tape
      • Normal Tape
      • Fader Down
      • Fader Up
    • Exterior
      • Front Loading
      • Orientation Left
      • Black Finish
    • General
      • Stereo
    • Speed
      • 1⅞ ips - 4.76 cm/s
    • Power Requirements
      • Alternating Current


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