PSBSynchrony 1BusedPSB Synchrony 1BGreat sounding bookshelf speakers. Open, detailed and very natural sounding. This listing is for one pair. Also have matching center as well. Synchrony 1C for 999Highly reviewed with awards. ...1099.00

PSB Synchrony 1B [Expired]

no longer for sale

Great sounding bookshelf speakers.  Open, detailed and very natural sounding.     
This listing is for one pair. 

Also have matching center as well.  Synchrony 1C for 999
Highly reviewed with awards. 
The Synchrony One B's heavy, rigid cabinet helps eliminate vibrations to maintain tonal accuracy. The double-walled aluminum front and back cabinet surfaces hold the curved side panels in place. Each side panel is constructed using seven layers of MDF, each one individually laminated to improve the panel's stiffness and absorb sonic energy that might otherwise color the sound. The top and side panels are clad in real wood veneer   
"According to my value system for loudspeakers — honest octave-to-octave balance, precise imaging, expansive spatial accuracy, freedom from dynamic compression, and absence of coloration — PSB's Synchronys are among the best loudspeakers I've auditioned in my studio in several years. You could easily spend substantially more and do no better, or not as well. Synchrony was definitely worth the wait." —Dan Kumin, Sound+Vision,     
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