AudioKinesisSigma 96 dB 4 ohm Satellite usedAudioKinesis Sigma 96 dB 4 ohm SatellitePrice is per pair. Sigma images atop extra cost SuperStand not included in sale. Designed by Duke LeJeune. From the "About" page for pro bass player/acoustician/Berklee School of Music graduate/p...3500.00

AudioKinesis Sigma 96 dB 4 ohm Satellite [Expired]

no longer for sale

Price is per pair.  Sigma images atop extra cost SuperStand not included in sale. Designed by Duke LeJeune.  

From the "About" page for pro bass player/acoustician/Berklee School of Music graduate/pro recording studio designer Jeff Hedback:

"...Duke special...not just brilliant and humble but seriously of the world’s best electro-acoustic crossover network designers...He offers boutique bass guitar cabinets, wonderful HiFi speakers and he and Jeff have worked on features and specs for several custom recording studio main speakers..."  (emphasis added)

October 2020: Welcome to the world premier for AudioKinesis Sigma II 96 dB Satellite!  Audiophiles on a budget now have access to refinement, elegance, torque and horsepower not prior found in this price tier.  Think of Sigma as a Ferrari F12 TDF for audiophiles on a Chevrolet budget.

Unpack Sigma, set it up, and plug it in to rid your system of the "dullness/compression" effect built into the volume knob listening to your current speakers.  

Sigma II satellite speaker has natural bass cutoff ca. 50 Hz with a unique combination of build quality, transparency, pattern control, acoustic power and sensitivity.  

The emphasis is on output capacity driven by moderate powered amp, while still maintaining AudioKinesis’ reputation for horns that don’t sound like horns: smooth, detailed and musical with long term listening enjoyment in spades.  Higher sensitivity speakers are also renown for lively, energetic listening perspective at whisper levels; their pleasures are far more than just uncompressed dynamic peaks at high SPL.  Unlock the joy of huge dynamic reserves even at very high SPL.    

Measured @ 1M with 1 dB of dynamic compression: 100W yields 113 dB with 1 or more ports open;  200W yields 116 dB with all 4 ports sealed or 1 or more ports open with 2nd order @ 80 Hz active high pass filter not included.  All known HT processors comprise the above-described high pass filter.  Few speakers with single direct radiator dome can make similar boast.


Sigma employs ultra-rigid high mass cabinet well suited for such high acoustic potential.  Faital of Italy’s dual pro sound 8 inch ultra-high performance mid bass has more motor strength per moving mass than a certain renown ultra-high cost Danish 7.1 inch (18 cm) mid bass.


All new are the crossover, compression driver, and parallel-wired mid bass circuit.  Sigma II is superbly suited for any tube or SS amp rated for 4-ohm load.  Sigma II’s biggest change is the switch from 16-ohm to 4-ohm, requiring all new xo employing the latest AudioKinesis tuning expertise that first appeared in 2017’s Azel.  Sigma II now sports Celestion’s mylar compression driver w/1-inch throat, one of the world’s all time most musical and bullet proof mid-range/tweeters.


Why the impedance change?  Music and Home Theater lovers with even moderate SS power amps or home theater receivers can now access greater clean acoustic output than is usually found in this price class.  Bring any amp suitable for 4 ohm load and bring it on.  (Sigma II is also well suited for any 4-ohm capable tube amp.)


Got a dedicated music room, and you just do not feel alive till you hear Mahler, Mel Torme, Buddy Rich, Toto or Rush at true live uncompressed SPL?  Or a home theater cavern with 130-inch projector screen and an insatiable hunger to watch “Dunkirk” and “Master And Commander” at uncompressed THX reference level and beyond?  Lack the $20k required for a suitably refined horn?  Sigma II is your solution.


Sigma II is the proverbial iron fist in a velvet glove.  Beyond its world class acoustic output capacity, it maintains all the resolution and musical rightness for which AudioKinesis is renown: the latest xo tweaks that arrived in 2017’s Azel, SEOS wave guide with constant directivity radiation pattern, and matched radiation patterns in the pass band shared between the mid bass and wave guide.  The symmetrical vertical array minimizes floor/ceiling bounce and room overload to further maximize clean power in the listening area.


If maximum clean uncompressed output in a refined, affordable, moderate size monitor tops your wish list, you simply must audition Sigma II.


Home audition with full refund OK minus all seller out of pocket fees.  Buyer must return in same condition as received.  Return ship date must be within 14 days after receipt.  

Accommodates any listening perspective, far to near field. Appearance wise meets all AG "mint" 10/10 specifications.   

5-year warranty; per industry standard burnt voice coils are non-warranty service (see "Amplifier Requirements" below).    

Platform Height (Not Critical): ear height minus 13.25 inches (distance from Sigma's horn center to its 3M ISODAMP feet)

Due to Duke's improved crossover expertise, Sigma II outperforms original Sigma, the sole exception being amplifiers requiring speakers above 4 ohm.  Pro reviewer comments:

Long list of AudioKinesis review comments, all models, links to full reviews:

Several pages Re. AK build, design, philosophy, construction, etc.:

Ship within 1 business day after payment. Paint color options: 2.5 week delay for any custom automotive paint color.  Add $175/pr for satin black, satin white or satin egg shell; please request price for any other color or sheen.  Vendor respectfully requests to split Paypal fees.

Add $120/pr for Cardas CPBP (copper) binding post in stock to replace standard input posts in images (one day delay).  


  • Crossover: 1.6k Hz
  • Net weight each: 51.3 lbs
  • Driver Layout: MHM mid bass/horn/mid bass
  • True Voltage Sensitivity: 96.0 dB @ 2.83V @ 1M, only 1 dB dynamic compression (cone/domes commonly compress 10 dB, explaining the change in presentation at elevated levels, conversely Sigma sounds similar @ 70 dB peaks vs. 110 dB peaks)
  • Toe-in: recommend on-axis lines intersect 4-6 feet IFO sweet spot
  • Wave Guide: 13.5 inch wide SEOS (SAY-os) Super Elliptical Oblate Spheroid
  • Mid-Treble Driver: Celestion compression driver, mylar diaphragm, 1 inch throat (Great Britain design)
  • Radiation pattern: 90 degree horizontal x 45 degree vertical, ideal for low and/or highly reflective ceiling
  • Input Impedance: 4 Ohm nominal, 3.0 Ohm minimum, benign phase angle, flat impedance above the bass range
  • Dimensions H x W x D: 26 x 18 x 10 inches, 45 degree angle on all 4 vertical corners (front diagonal 1.75” wide, rear diagonal 3.5” wide
  • Mid-Bass Driver: 8 inch Faital pro sound from Italy, octagonal alloy frame, treated paper cone, accordion surround, neodymium magnet
  • Input Posts: single pair gold plated, lower most posts (upper posts are Treble Tilt controls), add $120/pr for Cardas CPBP copper (1 day delay to ship)
  • Footers: Circles 1" diameter x 5mm thick, custom cut 3M ISODAMP (blue w/black edge, used to damp MRI magnets, "duro" # matches Sigma weight), fastened with 3M reusable adhesive putty
  • Treble Tilt Control: non-polarized uppermost terminal posts, changes level and curve for maximum control, 5 position: open, 3 Mills non-inductive power resistors, wire short (center is neutral, 2 settings up and down)
  • Bass Tuning: includes 4 air-tight easy to use Cherne brand "pipe plugs" per cabinet, seal 0 to 4 ports to smooth the room's bass modes; if 2 plugs used employ a vertical diagonal pattern: staggered L/R and 1 plug per each 8" driver
  • Maximum Output @ 1M @ 1 dB Dynamic Compression: 20 Hz full range input @ 100W yields 113 dB with 1 or more ports open; 200W yields 116 dB with all 4 ports sealed OR 1 or more ports open with 2nd order @ 80 Hz active high pass filter (not included) 
  • System Design: constant directivity waveguide matches the mid bass radiation pattern in the critical crossover "pass band" (impossible with any cone/dome system), 45 degrees vertical x 90 degrees horizontal radiation pattern, four rear-firing dual-flared ports behind mid bass drivers enhance reverberant field energy
  • Amplifier Requirements: capable of driving 4 ohm or lower impedance, suggest 25W minimum, yields maximum output with either 100W or 200W input depending on use (see "Maximum Output" specs).  Vendor advises caution with playback level.  Sigma compresses 1 dB @ maximum output where typical cone/dome speakers compress 10 dB.                   

Sigma Cabinets:

  • All drivers flush mounted
  • Mid bass baffle 1.5” thick
  • Primary material: ¾” MDF both sides pre-veneered
  • Grille shape: vertically stretched octagon echoes mid bass frame
  • Furniture grade real wood veneer, multi-coat hand rubbed satin lacquer
  • Reinforcement: mass-loaded top and base panels, two full horizontal window braces (one each between wave guide and each mid bass)

All USA made and assembled except drivers, wave guide and crossover/miscellaneous parts.  Safe and secure shipping in OEM wood crates (one per Sigma) with at least 2” foam all around.  Inquire for shipping quote; vendor gets 40% FX  discount.  Vendor employs low cost Concordia to ship international sales w/huge discount pricing.