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MTRX1 Mono Blocks - BRAND NEW [Expired]

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All items in stock and ready to ship. We have demos.

Call for price: 401-480-8056

Visit our website at: https://www.onestaudio.com

MTRX 1 Reference Mono Amplifiers (MSRP $155,000.00)

EMM Labs celebrates the eagerly anticipated return of designer Ed Meitner to the world of power amplifiers with the debut of his MTRX reference monoblocks. It has been 20 years since the last Meitner amplifier and we believe the MTRX is well worth the wait.

More than a decade in the making, these 1500W Class A/B solid-state powerhouses are able to drive the most fiendish and complex speaker loads effortlessly, while sounding as sweet, musical and detailed as a classic single-ended triode tube amps. "It is truly a gentle giant," as Ed would say.

The MTRX monoblocks achieve their superlative performance and transparency using 21st century technology with proprietary Meitner circuit topologies and zero overall negative feedback.

Its systems are fully discrete, offering ultra low distortion, very high bandwidth and the ability to deliver massive transient currents instantaneously. It also employs our custom made ceramic PCB boards plus a host of proprietary systems for speaker protection and self-protection.

These monoblocks have been meticulously designed, from its short and fully balanced audio paths throughout, to its proprietary power systems and beautifully finished chassis and custom plated panels.

Conservatively rated at 750W into 8Ω and 1500W into 4Ω. The MTRX is also completely stable driving difficult, complex loads, and has uncanny ability to drive low impedance speakers down to an Ohm! All while keeping distortion at miniscule levels.

Simply put, the MTRX monoblocks are the finest, most innovative, state-of-the-art amplifiers Ed has ever produced.



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