ProceedHPA-3usedProceed HPA-3The Proceed HPA-3 is a powerhouse 3-channel amp designed and manufactured in the USA by Madrigal Audio Laboratories (Mark Levinson and Proceed). This high powered, high current amp puts out 250-wat...1600.00

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Proceed HPA-3 [Expired]

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The Proceed HPA-3 is a powerhouse 3-channel amp designed and manufactured in the USA by Madrigal Audio Laboratories (Mark Levinson and Proceed). This high powered, high current amp puts out 250-watts/channel into 8-ohms and 500-watts/channel into 4-ohms, all channels driven in the traditional Mark Levinson triple-monaural package.  Each of the 3 audio channels of the Proceed HPA-3 has its own dedicated power supply and 663 VA toroidal transformer. This design all but eliminates crosstalk, and since each channel operates independently, dramatic dynamic range fluctuations on any channel have virtually no effect on any other channel.  

Reviews from the web:

·        "Sure bets are hard to find [,] though you can always depend on Proceed (Madrigal) to produce a killer product. The HPA 3 (tri-mono) home theater amplifier is no exception. This 250 watts per channel (8-ohms) amp performed spectacularly on every source be it rock, jazz, new age or the most dynamic movie soundtracks." -Audio Video Revolution

·        "When delicacy is called for these amps are exceptionally revealing with a light airy sound, and they slam when you’re in the mood to tear the house down." -AV Revolution

·        "...amps with the grace of the HPA-3 can more closely approximate the theater experience with those wide and lush orchestral tracks yet place the dialog dead center, exhibiting remarkable presence and intensity.”- AV Revolution

·        "Conclusion - These amps [HPA-2 & HPA-3] are remarkable with limitless power, outstanding bass response and exceptional resolution. The overriding sonic characteristic is the three-dimensional imaging apparent on all types of source material. As a music amplifier, each instrument occupies its own dedicated space within the soundfield, making it possible for each note to breathe and be heard with impressive clarity. Movie soundtracks are dynamic and riveting with crisp, clear dialog. Whether you’re building a high performance music system or a kick-ass home theater, high-powered amplification is a necessity and the HPA-2 and HPA-3 amps from Proceed are the definitive solution.”-AV Revolution

I used this amp to power a pair of Revel Ultima Studio 1’s and a Revel Ultima Voice 1 (the Voice is also for sale), and the HPA-3 never broke a sweat at any volume.  The amp has a few scratches on the top (see photo), all measuring less than 2”.  Other than that, the amp is in particularly good cosmetic shape.  Sonically, this amp is in excellent running condition.  I recommend about 3”-6” of air space on top of the amp as the heat vents out the top.  I also have a Parasound Z-Breeze dual cooling fan unit (2” high) that you could place on top of the amp for an additional $60. (I used the Z-Breeze and at continuous high volume the amp was cool to the touch).

This specific HPA-3 ships in the original Proceed double box with extra padding and corner braces for additional protection.  The amp itself weighs approximately 100 lbs., with the box and packing material bringing this beast to 122 lbs.  The included manual has been re-printed and bound in a 3-ring binder.  You also can get a copy of the manual here:

This amp ships with an upgraded power cord, a 2-meter Harmonic Tech Pro -AC-11 CL-3 Single Crystal Copper Cord (originally $240).  

Amp dimensions:  19.55" L X 15.47 W X 6.54" H


I am happy to answer any questions.  I have based the price on the Audiogon average for the last 5 years, allowing for very good condition and the upgraded power cord.  Please, no lowball offers.  

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