Usher TD20 Brand New Huge SavingsnewUsher TD20 Brand New  Huge Savings Over 50% Off Take Advantage of this amazing offerThese speakers are simply incredible... . As always feel free to call to discuss: UniQue Home Audio LLC 727-487-1869 These are a brand new pair of Usher TD20 Speakers. As with al...13500.00

Usher TD20 Brand New Huge Savings Over 50% Off Take Advantage of this amazing offer [Expired]

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These speakers are simply incredible... .
 As always feel free to call to discuss: 
  UniQue Home Audio LLC 727-487-1869     

These are a brand new pair of Usher TD20 Speakers.  As with all items that come to Unique Home Audio we inspect all items prior to selling.  So we disagree with A-Gon saying must be in a factory sealed box.  As this pair had a factory blemish and why we are reducing this pair by  over 50%.  Blemish is not noticeable from the front and is difficult to see unless close up.  See pictures. So save $14,450.00 for a small blemish. 
  We will also do a burn in for free in our tech lab if preferred. We will also include insured fright in original boxes and packaging for free in continental US, if overseas the buyer will be responsible for freight.
We decided to keep them as opposed to sending them back and waiting another 2-3 months for delivery of a new pair.  So we are passing on a substantial savings to you...Well worth it

We are an Authorized Usher dealer and this pair comes with full warranty   We will not cover PayPal fees we are an authorized dealer with 100% positive feedback and would prefer wire transfer.

A True Speaker Manufacturer
In the Swiss watch industry, the term manufacturer is used to refer to a watchmaker/brand who designs and manufactures its watches almost completely, as distinct from an 'atelier de terminage,' which is concerned only with assembling, timing, fitting the hands and casing an externally-sourced movement. Some famous examples of manufacturers are Patek Phillipe, Rolex and Jaeger LeCoultre.

In the loudspeaker industry, the ability to design and manufacture the heart of the whole speaker system—namely the speaker drivers—also separates the real technically capable from the rest. In this sense, Usher is one of the very few true manufacturers in the high-end speaker world.

The launch of the BE10 and BE20, Usher’s then flagship speaker systems, and a few years later, their successors the BE10 Diamond/BE20 Diamond with the ground-breaking DMD tweeter, have show-cased Usher’s prowess in driver design, manufacturing and quality control. With the new DMD (Diamond-Metal-Diamond) midrange driver—that’s on the TD-10 and TD-20—Usher has again pushed speaker driver technology to a new height.

The DMD Midrange Driver
Diamond is almost a perfect material as driver diaphragm except for its high density (thus high mass) and brittleness. The few “Diamond” drivers that have been on the market all suffer badly from these two issues. Usher was the first, and still the only, to have solved these problems by inventing the DMD diaphragm, in which a super-light metal base is sandwiched by amorphous diamond layers, resulting in a durable, light, fast, high-resolving and thus hugely musical tweeter: the Usher DMD tweeter.

Now, after years of rigorous research and experiments, Usher has finally successfully implemented the DMD technology on the 5” midrange driver. This allows the music to be reproduced, from 385Hz up, completely by the amazing DMD drivers on both the TD-10 and TD-20. The result has to be heard to believe.

The Woofer
Due to the superlative performance of the DMD drivers, the 11” German Eton woofer, with its super light yet super stiff honeycomb sandwich cone, was chosen to cover 385Hz and below for speed, resolving power and explosive dynamics.

The Crossover
When developing the new DMD midrange driver, Usher has paid special attention to making sure that it would have a frequency response and impedance behavior that’s effectively the same as those of the midrange it is replacing. This has made the new DMD midrange a drop-in upgrade for the current BE10 and BE20 owners. The crossover in the BE10/BE20 Diamond was already optimized through countless hours of computer-aided design, measuring and actual listening for seamless integration with both the DMD tweeter and the Eton woofer. With the efforts and attention in this regard put in whilst developing the DMD midrange, all that’s needed to be done was to repeat the measuring and listening tests carefully to confirm the results remain optimal, which was exactly the case.


3-way system : Diamond DMD dome tweeter 1.25" ,
Diamond DMD dome midrange 5" (0541D),
woofer 11" *2 (ETON 11-584),
sensitivity: 90 dB @ 1 watt / 1m
nominal impedance: 4 ohms
frequency response (-3 dB): 23 Hz ~ 40 kHz
power handling: 200 watts
crossover frequencies: 550Hz, 3.6 kHz
weight: 83 kgs (including base)
dimensions (w x d x h): 37 cm x 90 cm x 134 cm  

Shipping weight

shipping weight: 95 kgs /pc (including wood crate without base) 
11 kgs /pc (base)
shipping box (w x d x h): 57.5 cm x 87.5 cm x 160 cm
(including wood crate without base)
50 cm x 102 cm x 18 cm (shipping base)



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