Audio Physics KronosSimply OutstandingusedAudio Physics Kronos Full Range Speakers Simply OutstandingNothing to hide and auditions are welcomed.... We have a pair of Audio physics Kronos speakers available and are by far the best pair of speakers to come through our showroom. They are truly am...13250.00

Audio Physics Kronos Full Range Speakers Simply Outstanding

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Nothing to hide and auditions are welcomed.... 
We have a pair of Audio physics Kronos speakers available and are by far the best pair of speakers to come through our showroom.  They are truly amazing even at the original retail of $64,995.00.  At the price we have them listed for nothing comes close.  They come with a remote control for the bass section which enables you to dial in the bass to your room and preferences.  The bass is unsurpassed with 8 powered subwoofers. We absolutely love these speakers. Please note the speakers are 230V for the Bass amplifiers, but don’t worry we are supplying a 230v to 115v converter.  Simply plug the converter into 2 different outlets and plug the speakers into the converter.  The unique design of the suspended tweeter in front of the midrange is spectacular.  There are 8 drivers per cabinet. The cabinets are first class and the braces are some of the best we’ve encountered. I cannot stress enough that this is an incredible deal. Just look at the frequency range WOW. 
We will include insured freight in continental United States.  Overseas will be the responsibility of the buyer. 
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Description: Four-way, floorstanding loudspeaker with powered woofer module. Drive-units: 1" ring-radiator tweeter; 6.5" ceramic-coated aluminum-cone midrange driver; two 6" side-firing, ceramic-coated, aluminum-cone lower-midrange drivers; four 10" long-throw plastic-cone woofers. Frequency range: 10Hz-50kHz. Nominal impedance: 4 ohms. Sensitivity: 91dB/W/m.
Dimensions: 51" H by 14" W by 24" D. Weight: 265 lbs each.

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From the stereophile: (google for the full review)   

The two-box Kronos consists of a tall, heavily braced powered subwoofer base and a smaller head unit that sits atop and blends in almost seamlessly with it, thanks in part to the Hornslet speaker-cabinet factory's meticulously matched veneers. At 51" tall and 14" wide, the sleek-looking Kronos, with its curved front and rear baffles, raked profile, and wedge footprint, looks dramatic, graceful, and masculine. And at 265 lbs each, it's heavier than it looks.

Four 10" long-throw woofers, arranged in opposing pairs ("push-push") on either side of the cabinet, provide the system's foundation. Each woofer is driven by a dedicated 250W amplifier, for a total of 1000Wpc. Having reviewed Audio Physic's versatile Minos subwoofer in the November 2003 Stereophile Guide to Home Theater, I was very familiar with the Kronos' wired remote control: it's the same one with a different cover plate. Essentially, the Kronos subwoofer system is a double stack of heavily revised Minoses for each channel, with 10" drivers in place of the Minos's 12" cones.

The Kronos' head unit features a unique front-mounted, coaxial driver covering the 250Hz-50kHz range. It combines ScanSpeak's superb ring-radiator tweeter with a 6.5" midrange driver that looks like one of SEAS' ceramic-coated aluminum cones modified with Audio Physic's Active Cone Damping (ACD) technology. The tweeter is hung in front of the midrange cone using AP's three-point String Suspension Concept (SSC) technology. AP claims that SSC both decouples the tweeter from vibrations induced by the midrange driver, and positions it far enough out front to avoid the typical "cuppy" sound that, in a coaxial driver, can result from the tweeter dome being deep within the confines of the midrange cone.

The midrange/tweeter assembly is decoupled from the front baffle via a second cast basket, mirror-image attached to the midrange magnet structure to create an hourglass-shaped device. (The second basket is attached to a brace rooted deep in the cabinet structure.) Two opposed, side-mounted 6" drivers with large foam phase plugs are used for spatial "fill" in the 250-500Hz region, and to give the speaker added "bloom." The midrange-tweeter module features three crossover boards stuffed with ultra-high-quality components.

Like other floorstanding speakers from Audio Physic, each Kronos rests on two aluminum stabilizing crossbraces. These screw into the bottom of the cabinet, and are adjustable; floor spikes are included. More massive than the braces that come with other AP speakers, these are designed to make spiking, leveling, and tightening easy to accomplish from the top.

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