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Stereo One Tube Amplifier 6C33C High End SE Triode Class A, EL34, 12AT7 [Expired]

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3 year warranty (with warranty) 

You have can a local warranty or a warranty at Lansing Audio in California and Canada

Dimension (WxDxH):650mm x 420mm x 215mm
Net weight: 48kg
Shipping weight: 55kg
Power Consumption: 240W
Working voltage: 110V-115V / 220V-240V/50-60Hz

Video Test

Video Test

Introducing amplifier 6c33cls-8 by Lansing Audio inc

Finally, someone has made a Single Ended Triode Class A amplifier with deep, powerful, extended bass and highs that extend to the limits of human hearing. Together with the traditional smooth and detailed SET midrange, this is the best sounding amplifier we have heard to date.

Here is a new Lansing Audio Brand 6C33Cls-8 integrated stereo amplifier. These are excellent sounding amplifiers with huge transformers.
This amp puts out some amazing sound and has more than enough power at 16 watts per side. It uses 2 tube 6C33C, 2 tube EL34 Driver and 1 tube 12AT7 pre. Quite heavy at over 105lbs.

Taking the advantage of technical knowledge and expertise accumulated to date researching for over 20 years being attracted and absorbed in premium analog audio systems, LANSING AUDIO has been producing the highest quality vacuum tube sound systems. LANSING AUDIO produces all the individual sound product custom built with hard wiring process by his own hands using only the premium class components in order to assure reserving the original high fidelity sound tone for a long period time up to the level of carrying the product for several generations.

Transformers and output Transformers

All our transformers and output transformers have been handcrafted in the traditional way of decades ago, which gives them a high level of accuracy and greatly increases the life expectancy of the transformers,unlike transformers, which are mass-processed with automatic winding machines, have a life and accuracy low
The output transformer adopts and imports the silicon steel sheet of audio frequency (0.28mm ) and high-quality enameled wire of high strength and winds the craft of making specially.

This has been applied by Lansing Audio to all amplifier and preamplifier products of lansing audio since the beginning

Electrical circuits and capacitors

All our circuits are connected manually, pure copper wires and silver wires. As you can see from the picture, we focus on all the best materials for this amplifier, to bring the best performance to the users.

Resistors: we use vishay brand resistors, they have less than 1% loss, this resistance is made from Metal film

Power capacitors and power filter capacitors: we use oil capacitors, this is an old capacitor,  but never used, when using this oil capacitor will bring low frequency very soft and deep (overall frequency bass is great)


Frames and Materials

to have an amplifier for realistic sound and high quality, in addition to the overall circuit design element, need have good components, from wires to resistors, capacitors, etc.., It takes many factors to achieve true quality. The most important factors for you to use a product that has persisted for years
In addition to the internal components, we also focus from the outside of the product, not just an amplifier, also an item to decorate your home.

So, from the screws we also use 304 stainless steel,all the outer frames We use wooden walnut, surface and transformer cover lid we use 304 stainless steel, all aluminum and solid copper


Maximum output power: 16W*2 (Class A)
Frequency response:10Hz~40kHz(-1.5dB)
S/N Ratio:87dB(A weighted)
Input Impedance:100kΩ
Output impedance: 4 Ω, 8 Ω, 16 Ω
Input Sensitivity:400mV (Integrated) 1000mV (Pre-IN)
Tube Complement:6C33C×2、EL34×2、12AT7×1
Dimension (WxDxH):650mm x 420mm x 215mm
Net weight: 48kg
Shipping weight: 55kg
Power Consumption: 240W
Working voltage: 110V-115V / 220V-240V/50-60Hz

Unique split design enhances power supply design, high separation of left and right channels, clear sound field and no background noise.
Independent potential adjustment to adjust filament noise. The high-transmission voltage has unparalleled excellent dynamics and linearity.

Sales Agreement Provision

The international sales prices of LANSING AUDIO products are same as the Korea local prices. Being the electronic products employing vacuum tubes, please check and confirm if any import regulatory rules are applicable to the country of purchase, which may block the receiving of products.
(No whatsoever certification documents pertaining to electronic products are available, particularly to those European countries.)

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The LANSING AUDIO products shall be delivered to the respective registered PayPal payment address. Please make sure to provide us the purchaser's full name, exact delivery point address, and contact telephone number.

Return policy

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