KrellFoundation 4K Ultra HDusedKrell Foundation 4K Ultra HDKrell Foundation 4K Ultra HD home theater preamp/processor Offered for sale is a Krell Foundation 4K Ultra HD home theater preamp/processor. It was purchased new by me from my local Krell dealer...3750.00

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Krell Foundation 4K Ultra HD home theater preamp/processor

Offered for sale is a Krell Foundation 4K Ultra HD home theater preamp/processor.  It was purchased new by me from my local Krell dealer here in New York.  Before I purchased it, the dealer sent this unit to the Krell factory for the 4K Ultra HD upgrade.  Shortly after I purchased it, I sent it back to the factory for a different digital board upgrade.  
I used it in my home theater system, protected in a Salamander rack with doors.  We have no children or pets in the house.  It was used by adults only in a private, non-smoking home.  I'm very fussy about the condition of my audio/video equipment.  (Shocker there, eh? A fussy audiophile!)  I always handle with care to avoid any scratching or scuffing.  This piece is in excellent shape, as shown in the photos.  In spite of a thorough dusting-off with a microfiber cloth, however, there is still some dust and small fibers visible in the photos.  I did my best.  In a couple of photos, I have blurred out the serial number.  
This piece is a real trooper that doesn't call attention to itself.  It has performed flawlessly to the point where I don't even think about.  It just works and always sounds fantastic.  The Foundation processor has been favorably reviewed by several major magazines/websites - notably, by Kal Rubinson in his Stereophile column "Music in the Round #66", plus Michael Fremer in Sound & Vision, Richard Stevenson in Home Cinema Choice, Jerry Del Colliano in Home Theater Review, and Andy Clough in What HiFi.  Stereophile gave it a Class A rating.  Krell launched this model some years ago, but it remains a current model, featured as their flagship on their web site.  And my particular unit has already been upgraded.  Firmware updates are done over the network via the on-screen menu system.  This unit is running the latest firmware, v1.49 dated February 21, 2020.  
The Foundation processor will come with the original box and packing material, plus the power cord, the remote control, the ARES calibration microphone with its stand and extension cord, the owner's manual and cards, plus a documentation CD.  
Note: Krell includes a third-party microphone for calibrating the ARES room correction feature.  The mic is an Audio-Technica ATR4750.  It's nothing special, just a flimsy plastic thing you use once if you choose to setup ARES.  The business end of the microphone is mounted atop a 9 inch plastic tube, with the wire running through it.  I need to point out the tube is cracked.  The mic and wire are intact.  A little piece of tape around the crack was all it needed.  Nevertheless I want to disclose the flaw to any prospective buyer.
In a separate listing, I am also selling a matching Krell Chorus XD amplifier.  I included a photo showing both pieces, but this listing is for the Foundation processor only.
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