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I have for sale an Ultra Platform in very good condition. One side has minimal markings and the other is mint. The size of the platform is 19 x 21 perfect for bigger components including amps.
Ultra consists of a multi-layered design (right) of varying density
materials. But what's different about Symposium constrained-layer
construction is that we have arranged the density of these layers in a
specific order, from dense (metal top) to less dense, and then back
again. The idea here is to gradually change density in steps, in the
same direction, so that energy may penetrate more easily through
adjacent layers. This unique but essentially simple design achieves
optimal energy drainage from both the component side AND the support
(bottom) side at the same time. This "dual direction" absorption
provides effective isolation without eliminating the advantages of good
energy drainage, and does it without introducing any mechanical
"reactances" which are caused by materials which store and release
energy, such as sorbothane and other rubber products. Instead of
behaving like a reactive load, the design is more resistive, which means
it is resonance-free, adding no colorations to the component's sonic
"character" in attaining its goal of reducing noise and distortions in
the components it treats.

John Crossett of Soundstage said:
"The quiet quotient was ratcheted up another notch
or two, and the clarity of instrumental lines was much greater."

"With the Ultra
Platform under the power amp, I could follow whichever section of the orchestra I chose,
and as far as I wanted."

"Sounds soft to loud, and the individual shading
between those points, were improved thanks to the Ultra Platform."

"I can’t say for sure if the Ultra Platform
added any additional extension to the bass I was hearing -- my Maggies only go down to
about 40Hz -- but it sure seemed to. I do know the texture and clarity of what I heard was
improved. Paul Chambers' bass line at the beginning of Kind of Blue [Classic
Records/Columbia CS 8163] was much easier to follow and had better definition."

"The Ultra Platform’s ability to increase the
perception of air, detail, dynamics and smoothness was illustrated to me playing the LP
version of Carmen McRae’s Carmen Sings Monk [RCA/Novus 3086-1-N]. The live
cuts, especially, were more enjoyable thanks to a better appreciation of the size of the
venue where this concert was recorded (The Great American Music Hall)."

"In comparison to what I have been using to
control vibration, the Symposium products were distinctly better. None of my admittedly
homemade sandboxes could control and dissipate vibration with anywhere near the success of
either the Svelte Shelf or the Ultra Platform, together or separately. It wasn’t even
close. The Symposium products took what had been a very enjoyable system and ratcheted
things up into a more lifelike one, and that’s what I want out of my system."

"They will (Symposium products), however, allow any piece of equipment with which they are
used to reveal itself more fully for what it is. They remove veils, clean the sonic
window, shine more light onto the music, focus the proceedings, and do whatever any other
audio cliché you choose to use indicates."

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