Pass LabsHPA-1usedPass Labs HPA-1Announcing the new Headphone Amp from Pass Labs!Like the XP preamplifiers, the HPA-1 is the result of great attention to detail.Starting at the power cord, the AC line is first filtered for high fr...2500.00

Pass Labs HPA-1 [Expired]

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Announcing the new Headphone Amp from Pass Labs!

Like the XP preamplifiers, the HPA-1 is the result of great attention to detail.

Starting at the power cord, the AC line is first filtered for high frequency noise and then isolated by a special toroidal transformer shielded by mu-metal for lower magnetic noise and shielded for electrostatic noise by a separate Faraday shield, grounded to analog ground. This is followed by fast/soft recovery rectifiers, generous CRC passive filtering and sophisticated discrete DC regulators and then more passive RC filters.

Works with headphones
with impedances of 15 ohms to 600 ohms

Low feedback wide bandwidth discrete design.

Class A 
direct coupled Mosfet output stage

Custom low noise Torodial power transformer
with a Faraday shield

Discrete regulated power supply for audio circuits.

Gain (dB)8 dbFrequency Response 10hz – 100k-1 dBOutput Power into 20 ohms3500 mWTHD + Noise< 0.005 at 1V outOut Power into 300 ohms200 mWInput Impedance50K OhmOutput Impedance< 2 ohmsPower Consumption (Watts)23Unit Dimension (W x D x H) (In.)11 x 13.5 x 4Unit Weight (LBS)14

“To put it bluntly, Pass Labs HPA-1 is an exceptional, very addictive headamp/preamp combo every aficionado should at least audition once an opportunity strikes.”
HiFi Knights

” If I did not know that the HPA-1 was transistor-based, I would’ve been fooled: the HPA-1 had the natural warmth and slight fullness that mimic tubes.” ” In my view, headphone listening is about intimacy, and the HPA-1 is nearly perfect in this regard.”

“As far as headphones go, the HPA-1 is a brilliant amp which deserves every bit of praise I’ve thus far heaped on it.”
Part-Time Audiophile

Headphone Amplifier of the Year – 2016
The Absolute Sound

Best Headphone Amplifier – Best of Awards – 2016

“One Of The Best HPAs In The Audiophile World!”
Everything Audio Network

“The HPA-1 had an effortless quality that made recorded music sound more like the real thing.”

“Pass Labs, one of the most prestigious names in audio, has launched a terrific headphone amplifier”
Home Theater HiFi

“in bass clarity and authority and in midrange transparency, the Pass Labs HPA-1 is without peer”

“The Pass HPA-1 is on the top tier of the world’s finest headphone amplifiers”
Tone Audio

“This thing sounds so damn good twenty minutes out of the box”
Tone Audio

“An amplifier that drives headphones to exceptional performance”

“The best I’ve heard from a headphone amp anywhere near the HPA-1’s price.”
Enjoy The Music

“the Pass Labs HPA-1 is a bona fide muscle amp in the guise of an equal-opportunity preamp with headfi function.”

“Dynamics and authority are two of the best qualities in all listening sessions with the HPA-1, regardless of the headphone. With a great current delivery it also drives any planarmagnetic headphone, with absolute control.”

Blue Note Award 2017
Enjoy the Music

Editors choice award
The Absolute Sound

Best Audio Gear – 2018
The Absolute Sound

Recommended Components – 2018

“I think it would be fair to say that the HPA-1 is one of the best headphone amplifiers I have heard.”
Audio Beatnik / Adam Labarge

Positive Feedback Brutus Award 2018
Positive Feedback

Stereophile Recommended Components – 2019


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