Mark LevinsonNo. 515 TurntableusedMark Levinson No. 515 Turntable w/ cartridgeI bought this new Mark Levinson No. 515 Turntable from a fellow authorized dealer in July 2020 to Demo associated analog gear. Only 3 hours on it. If you are a Mark Levinson (or a VPI) aficionado,...6300.00

Mark Levinson No. 515 Turntable w/ cartridge [Expired]

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I bought this new Mark Levinson No. 515 Turntable from a fellow authorized dealer in July  2020 to Demo associated analog gear. Only 3 hours on it. If you are a Mark Levinson (or a VPI) aficionado, you will be fascinated by this bit of Levinson/VPI history.  Please take a look at the product information for the 515 on the Mark Levinson web site, or just google it to find out how unique and exceptional it is. 

This is the very first turntable that Levinson has ever included in their collection.  It was produced in honor of Levinson's 45th Anniversary as a joint Levinson and VPI project.  It was the very first turntable from VPI to sport a gimbaled version of the JMW 3D-Printed Tonearm.  Look it up on the Levinson site and you will find that this is a "no holds barred"  "best that can be done" analog source.  

The 515 is a beautiful, functional, groundbreaking product.  Some of the features include an integrated electronic speed controller for precise 33 1/3 or 45 rpm at the touch of a button ... this speed controller is a refined state of the art version of the VPI Analog Drive System.  The chassis  has exceptional damping properties.  The platter is driven by a high torque, mechanically isolated, three belt drive.  

The feet are machined Delrin and aluminum with a polymer vibration damping core.  

The 20 pound aluminum platter rides on an inverted bearing so that the drive torque is applied centrally and won't create a rocking couple to cause speed variations or accelerated wear.  

We have all of the original accessories, including the original packaging, the owner's manual, the two different platter mats, the Levinson record weight that is shaped like a Levinson electronics control knob, the Ortofon Cadenza Bronze cartridge, the metal adjustable JMW Memorial tonearm set up template, the digital electronic tracking force scale.  If it came with this turntable, I have it, and you will get it, all in the original factory packaging.  

For those interested, the tonearm base is the VPI "VTA on the fly adjustable tower."   The  tonearm is the first gimbaled style from VPI.  VPI has extended this technology into their own product line and are now offering gimbaled versions of all of their printed tonearms.  In my opinion, the tonearm's easy tracking force adjustment and set up are a huge improvement of the Levinson 515 over the prior VPI efforts.  This tonearm set up was a major factor in why I bought this table last Summer.  If you do make VTA adjustments, you will want to be sure to loosen both set screws that lock the platform at the VTA setting before making adjustments.  

Note that in this configuration, with the Ortofon Cadenza Bronze cartridge included, the MSRP is $12,500.  

This is your opportunity to try the Levinson at less than its original cost.  if you have a Levinson based system, or if you just love Levinson and/or VPI, you will really enjoy this turntable.  And even if you don't have Levinson or VPI leanings, this is a GREAT turntable and better than anything else I can think of at my asking price.  

Local pick up in Charlotte is preferred. However, It will ship in two boxes, one for the table and one for the separately packed platter.  I will ship it, insured, with tracking, for $200 to the contiguous 48 United States ONLY. 
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The custom made dust cover is available at additional cost ( see photo of receipt ). $350
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