Pear AudioKid Thomas Turntable w/ Cornet 2 Tonearm in BlackusedPear Audio Kid Thomas Turntable w/ Cornet 2 Tonearm in BlackPear Audio Blue Kid Thomas Turntablew/ the Cornet 2 Tonearm & Power supply Stereophile Class A Rated Demo in Excellent ConditionComes with Original Paperwork, Accessories, and Box (Cartridge n...7495.00

Pear Audio Kid Thomas Turntable w/ Cornet 2 Tonearm in Black [Expired]

no longer for sale

Pear Audio Blue Kid Thomas Turntable

w/ the Cornet 2 Tonearm 

& Power supply 

Stereophile Class A Rated

Demo in Excellent Condition

Comes with Original Paperwork, Accessories, and Box (Cartridge not included)


Other items available for sale:

- McIntosh MR78 FM Tuner

- Pear Audio Blue Kid Thomas Turntable in Black

- Harbeth M40.2 Anniversary Speakers in Olive

- Paradigm Inspiration Bookshelf Speakers

- Audio Physic Step Plus in Ebony

- Marantz KI-RUBY System

- Threshold FET TEN/HL Preamplifier

- Threshold FET TEN/PC Phono Stage

- Solid Steel S4-4 Hifi Rack in Black

- Larsen 8.2 Speakers in Cherry

- Linn Sondek LP12 w/ Basik Plus Tonearm Ortofon Quintet Red

- NAIM NAP160 Power Amplifier

- NAIM NAT01 + NA PST Tuner

- NAIM NAC32.5 Preamplifier

- NAIM NA HiCAP Power Supply

- Nakamichi 700 Tri-Tracer Cassette Deck


Who we are:

We are Downtown LA's first home audio showroom and social listening space.

Our showroom is designed for the exploration of music, audio / stereo componentry, and music culture.  Our dedicated reference caliber listening spaces will showcase various bespoke solutions in all price ranges.

We also have our own turntable repair center and workshop.  It is important to us to help serve our neighbors, so we also service all types of audio components.  No reason for good gear to go to waste over a simple repair.


We are proud purveyors of:

Amplifiers & Preamplifiers, Speakers, Subwoofers, DACs, Turntables, Cartridges & Phono Stages, Headphones, Streaming Systems, Record Cleaning Machines, Cables & Interconnects, Power Conditioning, Video & Cinema Systems, Furniture


YG Acoustics, NAGRA, DeVore Fidelity, E.A.R., Harbeth, NAD, Graham, Chord Audio, LEBEN, DALI, Klipsch, Rogue Audio, EAT, Larsen, JBL, Simaudio MOON, Pear Audio Blue, Line Magnetic, Totem, REL, JL, Kuzma, ProAC, REGA, Pro-Ject, Arcam, Mobile Fidelity, MoFi Electronics, Dr. Feickert, Technics, Quadraspire, Parasound, Bluesound, Innuos, Benz Micro, Audiocontrol,  Shunyata Research, Tellurium Q, IsoTek, Audioquest, Rupert Neve, Degritter,  Kimber Kable, Soundsmith, Box Furniture Co, Solidsteel, Sound Anchors, TonTrager, Symbol Audio, Levin, Audeze, Koetsu, Grado, Ortofon, Hana, MySonic Labs, Sumiko, Benz Micro


Sales Terms & Shipping:

- Everything comes as shown, there are signs of use.

- Payment must be received within 24 hours of auctions close. 

- If buying via PayPal, I will only send to the verified address.  3% will be added to the total due.

- Will ship Worldwide given a good history.


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