Triode CorporationTRV-M300SEusedTriode Corporation TRV-M300SE - 300B Monoblock AmplifiersFor sale is a one-owner pair of Triode Corporation TRV-M300SE Single Ended Triode (SET) 300B monoblock amplifiers. The TRV-M300SE come from the legendary Japanese company and the mind of designer...4200.00

Triode Corporation TRV-M300SE - 300B Monoblock Amplifiers

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For sale is a one-owner pair of Triode Corporation TRV-M300SE Single Ended Triode (SET)  300B monoblock amplifiers.  The TRV-M300SE come from the legendary Japanese company and the mind
of designer Junichiro Yamazaki, who created a dream pair of 300B amps that are able to produce a whopping 40 Watts of 300B Tube
Magic (Gigantic for 300B Tube Sound), at 20W each.  These magical amps
can drive many speakers that are not possible with other 300B amps, because of their two 300B tube design per amplifier for a total of four (4) 300B tubes.  If you have been wanting to go 300B and have not been able to because of low wattage, you now can have 300B Tube magic for less efficient speakers, as most 300B amplifiers produce low single digit watts.
Cosmetically they are stunning, both
featuring polished stainless steel chassis and candy apple red transformers
with so much more going for them as true ear candy that only a legendary 300B Tube amplifier
can provide.

The build quality is highly acclaimed, with purposeful component
layout, high end parts quality, and attention to detail at an impressive level
that any Audiophile will be proud to own for life.  Unique features, such as single ended and
balanced inputs, and a high quality gain volume.

Tube Compliment per amp: 2-300B Tubes, 1 - 12AU7, & 1 - 12AX7

Power Output: 20W @ 8 ohm per amp for a total of 40W of 300B
Tube Power (Huge Amount)

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Further info on these tube beauties courtesy of

"When we were asked to review
a couple of 300B amplifiers from the Triode Corporation or Tri for short, we
were pleasantly surprised. Tri is a Japanese company and designer Junichiro
Yamazaki likes simple, well thought-out designs. Besides a pair of monoblocks
and their matching integrated amp, we also received the new Tri CD player. This
presented a lot of opportunities to learn what the Triode Corporation had to

We started with the Tri TRV-M300SE
monoblocks. Most obvious after unraveling the perfect Japanese packaging was
the beautiful finish. The front of the long narrow amplifiers is trimmed out in
a thick aluminum plate with a subtle color accent and the power mains switch.
On the right sits an attenuator to eliminate a preamp if desired. With a depth
of 44cm, a height of 20cm and a width of 18cm, the 15 kilos of this design are
nicely dimensioned. Below the obligatory (in the EU) tube cage which was easily
removed, the tubes took pride of place - one 12AX7 and 12AU7 double triode each
in a mu-follower configuration and a pair of paralleled 300Bs. The mu follower
is responsible for distortion reduction, the parallel operation of the power
tubes explains the output doubling while still remaining single-ended where one
output device (here two) amplifies both the signal's positive and negative
phase without switching off. This is exclusive to class A operation (though not
single-ended - push/pull too can be operated in class A). Benefits of
single-ended operation are better linearity (no zero-crossing distortion),
stability and the reduction of higher-order harmonic distortion. But the most
favorite benefit must be the possible absence of any negative feedback at all.

Behind the two Tri-labeled 300Bs
tubes are the power and output transformers in their beautiful red lacquer
casings. The biggest share of the amplifiers' weight derives from the iron
cores and the many meters of 6N copper windings around them. For both
monoblocks, this adds up to about 20 kilos combined. The top plate of the
amplifiers is made of high-gloss chromed steel which continues around the sides.
Around back it got even more interesting as here we found 4, 8 and 16-ohm
terminals besides the low-level inputs. Because our Avantgarde Duo Omega horns
are rated at 16 ohms, this was a potentially exciting discovery."

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