ModWrightOppo UDP-205usedModWright Oppo UDP-205Up for sale is one owner Modwright Oppo UDP 205. I am selling it for the original owner who upgraded to a DCS set up. This is so good that my friend had to spend many more times get a noticeable i...4199.00

ModWright Oppo UDP-205 [Expired]

no longer for sale

Up for sale is  one owner Modwright Oppo UDP 205. I am selling it for the original owner who upgraded to a DCS set up. This is so good that my friend had to spend many more times get a noticeable improvement.

ModWright Oppo UDP-205 SACD DAC with Truth v9.0 and UPGRADED Truth umbilical cord from WyWires.  This is an Analog upgraded signal path unit.  Headphone output also has separate volume control. 
SACD playback (DSD) not converted - via XLR and RCA directly to your preamplifier or amplifier. 

Roon Ready. MQA certified. Network controllable via IP and APP.  Dual ESS Sabre 9038PRO  
  • Only the Analog stage has been upgraded.  
  • This means the digital portion will still play Blu-ray/UHD 4K HDR without the need to even turn on the analog stage (Truth v9.0 power).  This saves wear and tear on your tubes!  That's right you can still watch a movie without the need to turn on the tube portion of the Modwright Oppo.

Below is the description with just the upgrade cost - this does not include the cost of the Oppo player as well.  The Oppo UDP-205 has been selling well north of $3000 and there is even a $5995 listing on eBay for just the player itself.  
  • The Truth power v9.0 umbilical cord has been upgrade from stock to the WyWires using Litz wire conductors, air and Teflon dielectric materials that ensure very low inductance and capacitance. The conductor gauge is generous given the current requirements of the ModWright power supplies.  $399.00
All of the modifications below have been installed by ModWright.    

Tube Modification for the Oppo UDP-205 4K Universal Player and DSD DAC!

Price: $2495 (Modification Only)

Tube mod includes:

  • Total redesign and replacement of op-amp based stock analog stage with a fully balanced, pure Class A, tube/transformer coupled analog stage (6922 driver tubes).
  • External PS 9.0 v. 10 with tube rectifier (5AR4, GZ34, 5R4GYS 5U4, 5V4 and equivalents).
  • Truth umbilical of our own design.
  • Highest Quality resistors in key signal path applications.
  • All MWI M-type capacitors in signal path.
  • External supply available with optional hole to allow for use of taller, larger diameter tubes other than 5AR4/GZ34 (just ask). -INCULDED

Upgrades:  All of these are installed!!


  • The Pulse Gen ZX operates on the principle of noise absorption in the space surrounding the internal power supply within the player.
  • It simply it adds more dynamic and detail, due to a further lowering of the noise floor.
  • The Pulse Gen ZX upgrade option is $400.


  • The Region Free upgrade will allow you to play multi-region discs. The Oppo UDP-205 currently only plays Region 1 discs for North America.
  • The cost is an additional $150 if installed along with the tube modification. -INSTALLED
  • If ordered as a standalone upgrade or after the tube mod has been installed, the cost is $225. -INSTALLED

Dan Wrights Thoughts:
The UDP-205 has fabulous technology and connectivity, including all current DSD decoding abilities. In stock form, I found it very revealing, but a bit cold and clinical. With our new fully differential, transformer coupled analog stage (6922 based), I am VERY pleased. It is still revealing and open, but the sound stage is much bigger and the sound is more organic with none of the hard edge or glare of the stock unit. Importantly, I find the UDP-205 tube mod to be more resolving and dynamic than our past Oppo mods. I feel the UDP-205 to be among the best mod sound that we have ever produced.

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