Audiodesksysteme GlassUltrasonic VINYL RECORD CLEANERusedAudiodesksysteme Glass Ultrasonic VINYL RECORD CLEANER2019 model Vinyl Cleaner Pro - Dealer Demo This is our demo unit which has had one fluid refill (cleaned about 135 records). Our record collection has already been cleaned, so this unit has see...1700.00

Audiodesksysteme Glass Ultrasonic VINYL RECORD CLEANER [Expired]

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2019 model Vinyl Cleaner Pro - Dealer Demo

This is our demo unit which has had one fluid refill (cleaned about 135 records). Our record collection has already been cleaned, so this unit has seen very little use (making it to the first refill).

The microfiber barrels are good for 500 records, and we're including a free refill kit (including new barrels) with this cleaner. The photos are stock photos, but this unit is black and indistinguishable from new (conservatively rated as 9/10).

Click this link to contact us with any questions.

Click this link to read more about the Vinyl Cleaner Pro - get details on the consumables, download the manual, as well as read our take on the current state of record cleaning options.

Note: photos are stock photos. This unit is black. Contact us for photos of the exact unit.

Free, with this Vinylcleaner Pro:

We're including a free, 6-foot Headwaters Power Cable (introductory pricing for these cables is $695).

Our new line of power cables won't get your records any cleaner, but we're confident they'll find a home in your system. We're very proud of these cables and want to get the word out with both this giveaway as well as introductory pricing. We're confident you'll be back for more.

If ultrasonic isn't your thing, check our Bargain Bin for a Loricraft RC-4 cleaner (click here). One of our customers is looking to trade-up to an Audiodesk.

Free shipping to the Continental US.

Questions, Ordering and Payment Options:

Contact us directly (click this link) and we'll work directly with you from specification, through invoicing, and payment.

Payment can be made by PayPal, major credit cards, check (with time to clear) and of course, old fashioned cash.

Consistent with Audiogon dealer guidelines, we'll work directly with you to ensure you make the right choice for your system.

Delivery times vary depending on the product. All of our cables are built to order and our power and speaker cables receive an extended burn-in, so factor that in to your delivery expectations.

Who we are:

Galibier Design is best known for our state of the art turntables, which we have been designing and manufacturing since 2001.

We were early pioneers in the rigid drive belt concept - an architecture that renders a rim-drive like immediacy to our turntables' performance.

We sell manufacturer direct and in many instances, we’ll travel to set up your system. Click the thumbnail photo to view our complete line of products.

Audiodesk Vinyl Pro Record Cleaner:

We're proud to offer the Audiodesk Systemes Vinyl Pro record cleaning system along with all accessories.

Discover the convenience of automated cleaning and eliminate the drudgery associated with getting the most out of your LP collection.

Click the thumbnail photo to learn more about the Vinyl Pro.

The Eiger - a convertable (belt/rim drive turntable):

In the development pipeline is a convertible turntable (belt & rim drive) - The Eiger. The differences between the two drive systems is subtle, but both architectures have their fans, and the convertability option will let you decide for yourself.

As our designs have evolved over the years, there's been a convergence, with each architecture taking on the best characteristics of the other.

Click the thumbnail photo to learn more about the Eiger.

The NiWatt 300B:

Also in the production pipeline is our recently developed the NiWatt, 300B power amplifier (click thumbnail photo for details about the NiWatt).

With four independent power supplies for each channel, the NiWatts take no prisoners.

These are not your grandfather's 300B amplifier. If you think you need an 845 class of tube to drive your speakers, then think again. Click this link to read about one torture test we put the NiWatts through.

These amplifiers have rivaled 20 watt push pull 300B amplifiers in terms of authoritative presentation, while retaining the delicacy and nuance that the single-ended 300B is known for.


The NiWatt amplifiers were the catalyst that drove development of a cable line that we're extremely proud of.

We've gone up against some of the very best, and our cables have nothing to apologize for. Don't judge them by their reasonable pricing.

Click the thumbnail photo to view our cables page.

Bargain Bin Items:

Here, you'll find trade-ins (consignment sales), refurbished turntables and other "goodies".

On rare occasions, a customer will upgrade his Galibier to another model. We re-manufacture these trade-ins to "factory new" condition. This is a great way to jump into the Galibier architecture.

Check our "Bargain Bin page" for current items.

Trade-in Policy:

  • We have a liberal trade-in/upgrade policy for Galibier products, and one of the first turntables we ever sold in 2001 is running at current specifications. Contact us for details.
  • We generally don't take trade-ins of other manufacturers products, but we will consign them - placing them on our Bargin Bin and frequently advertising them here as well.

Visiting Galibier:

We're located in the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area, about 35 minutes from the airport.

We offer travel reimbursement for many items auditioned and subsequently purchased. Details are on our "Purchase page".


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