KrellKBLusedKrell - Full System (Rare Opportunity)Unique opportunity to purchase multiple components from KRELL. All components are in excellent condition with minimum wear or cosmetic blemishes. What's included: KRELL KMA-160 : Monaural Amplifi...22500.00

Krell - Full System (Rare Opportunity) [Expired]

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Unique opportunity to purchase multiple components from KRELL.  All components are in excellent condition with minimum wear or cosmetic blemishes.  What's included:
  • KRELL KMA-160 : Monaural Amplifiers (2)
  • KRELL KBL Preamplifier
  • KRELL KPA Preamplifier
  • KRELL REFERENCE 64 Digital Processor
  • KRELL MD-10 CD Deck

KRELL KMA-160 (2): Monaural Amplifier. The KMA-160 is rated as delivering 160 watts of Class A power into 8 ohms. One inherent aspect of Class A operation is the need for a large amount of current from the AC mains. The amplifier at idle draws 8 amps. However, the Class A rating does not completely reveal the true, overall power of the KMA-160, both in terms of output power or AC power consumption. The amplifiers' maximum output into 8 ohms is 240 watts per channel.  That every KRELL product uses Class A circuitry in all gain and supply stages is a foundation of our design philosophy. A second design commitment that relates to amplifiers is that every unit be capable of doubling its output into successively lower impedances. The KMA-160 will deliver 320 watts per channel into 4 ohms; 640 watts per channel into 2 ohms and 1280 watts per channel into 1 ohm. And there is headroom over these figures! It is capable of driving impedances below 1 ohm. Use below 1 ohm requires adjustment of the Programmable Low Impedance Limit Set circuit on the Protection Board. This adjustment is performed by the dealer or distributor. 
KRELL KBL / KBA Preamplifiers: KBL (Krell Balanced Line) and KPA (Krell Phono Amplifier) presented a departure from traditional preamps, in that they divided phono/line section functions into two separate units. This was done for several reasons. The primary motivation was to allow adequate space to accommodate the latest evolutions of preamplifier circuitry and functions.   A second important consideration was to introduce the programmable concept employed in our current KSAIKMA amplifier line into our preamplifier line. A single KBL and KP A are used for stereo operation. A second unit of either can be added to achieve dual-mono, fully balanced operation. They can be easily changed without being returned to the factory. There are many advantages to dual-mono operation. The capability of the KBL and KP A to operate in either mode allows you to plan the development of your system over time, without the waste of money and time associated with trading or selling used gear.
The KBL and KP A use high-bias, pure Class A circuits throughout, including the power supplies and regulators. Circuits are DC coupled, meaning there are no capacitors in the signal path. The power supply system and output circuits are extremely high-power when compared with conventional preamplifier designs. The output section of the KBL, for example, is really a small power amplifier, capable of swinging 60 volts peak-to-peak. This allows the KBL to maintain exceptional linearity under all conditions and drive virtually any length of cable without signal degradation. The external supply has two stages of regulation. Within each preamp chassis there are independent tracking regulators for each section of circuitry, separated channel-to-channel.  The KP A has completely passive RIAA equalization. Maximum deviation from the standard is +/- .1 dB from l0Hz to 20KHz. All parts are 1 % tolerance. 
KRELL REFERENCE 64 Digital to Analog Processor The REFERENCE 64 is designed to sound wonderful, but to look and function as a world-class, reference-caliber compo­nent. The REFERENCE 64 utilizes all proprietary Krell cir­cuitry. The digital input is decoded by the Krell Data Recovery and Jitter Rejection Module, virtually eliminating jitter and associated clocking errors. To further reduce the potential of clocking errors, the TimeSync linking system allows the REFERENCE 64 to lock and operate with the CD transport's clock output. The data signal is run through four serial Motorola DSP-56001 processors (two per channel, in series) running Krell written software contained within socketed EPROMs. This method allows for simple installation of future software updates. Within the digital section, data is oversampled 64 times. Data then goes through Krell's own custom DAC modules. After conversion is complete, signal is passed through the DC coupled, discrete, complementary Class A output stage. The REFERENCE 64 utilizes separate highly regulated power supplies containing three 50VA toroidal transformers. All power supply circuitry is housed in a sepa­rate chassis, and mechanically linked to ensure proper ther­mal stability. Each digital input in the REFERENCE 64 has its own selection button and direct path to the processing stages. Assembly of this product is second to none. Every section is assembled within rigid quality control standards. The REFER­ENCE 64 is a pleasure to use and will bring many years of listening fulfillment. 
- FREQUENCY RESPONSE -. ldB at 4Hz & 20 KHz  - SIGNAL TO NOISE 100 dB A weighted - DIGITAL-TO-ANALOG CONVERTER  KRELL DAC Modules in custom THERMAL STABALIZATION SHIELD  PROCESSING  KRELL written software calculated through 4 custom configured Serial Motorola 560001 processors running at 34MHz, two per channel in series configuration  LINEARITY +.3dB at -90dB  THD+N .011%  CHANNEL SEPARATION > 111dB at 1KHz  ANALOG OUTPUT VOLTAGE 2.4 volts 
KRELL MD-10 CD Deck TRANSPORT - Modified Philips CDM-4 PRO with Hall effect motor, swing-arm design  LASER - Single Beam with glass lens  OUTPUT - Digital only in industry standard SPDIF format.  1 FIBRE OPTIC via standard interface  1 COAXIAL via RCA connector  1 AT&T via ST connector  1 AES/EBU via XLR connector  1 SPECIAL Optional TimeSync via ST connector 
APOGEE - DUETTA SIGNATURE Speakers Bass Driver - Aluminium/Kapton Panel Midrange - Aluminium/Kapton Panel (3 segment) Max Sound Level - 105dB Sensitivity @ 3m - 86dB Frequency response - 30Hz (-3dB) to over 20kHz Suggested amp power - 200W (4 ohm load) Impedance nominal - 4 ohms
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