AurorasoundPREDA III Pre AmplifiernewAurorasound PREDA III Pre Amplifier - NEW - handmade in JapanNEW: Aurorasound PREDA III Pre Amplifier Karaki san's new PREDA III Pre Amplifier is a further development of the award winning original PREDA. The PREDA III is a true balanced, dual-mono preamp w...9990.00

Aurorasound PREDA III Pre Amplifier - NEW - handmade in Japan [Expired]

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NEW: Aurorasound PREDA III Pre Amplifier

Karaki san's new PREDA III Pre Amplifier is a further development of the award winning original PREDA. The PREDA III is a true balanced, dual-mono preamp without compromises. Only the best components were used, like a true hi-end volume control (no remote!). The price of $9,990 is not cheap though but surprisingly low for this build and sound quality.
The components such as input/output connectors, selectors, amplifier modules, volume controller, power regulator function, ridged/robust body structure are the key factors to achieve super performance of amplifiers. PREDA-III is precision designed with absolutely no compromises in all those factors. Noiseless sector switching, noiseless power on/off, controllers knob operation touch and feel can offer satisfaction in your music listening experiences. PREDA-III pre-amplifier not only makes the best match with PADA-300B tube power amplifier, but also, it makes a good partner with any tube and solid-state power amplifiers in the market.

L/R complete monaural structure in one chassis
The left and right channels are completely independent in terms of input/output signal paths, amplifications, power regulators, and power transformers. Ideal layout with the shortest signal path, optimized placement for channel isolation, and temperature stability and vibration-absorbing make PREDA-III the perfect pre-amplifier.

True balanced signal path and amplification

All XLR balanced input signal flows through the XLR balanced and RCA un-balanced signal outputs. RCA un-balanced signal input also transforms to XLR balanced and RCA un-balanced signal outputs. PREDA-III supports any input/output combinations, such as XLR in XLR out, XLR in RCA out, RCA in XLR out, RCA in RCA out.
Aurora AMP-2 Rev.4, new developed amplifier module
New development amplifier module, “Aurora AMP-2 Rev.4”, this is x1.5 higher speed improvement and lower noise performance in comparison with the original PREDA module. Employs NEC and Toshiba-made discrete transistors/FETs, WIMA film capacitors, and TAKMAN metal foil resistors, which is Bi-Cr-Al materials with brass cap and oxygen free copper lead wire crafted by precision laser trimming. This amplifier module has blue color aluminum top cover to keep operational temperature stability and noise shielding.
ALPS made large sized precision volume control
Machined brass 50mm diameter body, very low distortion and hi-fidelity resistor material, gold plated multi wire slider brush on mirror surface resistor. True high-end volume controller with excellent touch and feel deliver smooth and comfortable man/machine interface. This volume is sandwiched between input buffer amp (Aurora Amp module-2 Rev.1) and output buffer amp, in order to make good signal conditioning. No high frequency degradation, neither sound loss in any position of volume setting occur. NO REMOTE!
Neutrik made XLR connectors / Rhodium plated RCA connectors
Professional grade connectors for excellent reliable signal interface with life-long durability.
Optical encoder with machined aluminum knob for input selector
For input selector function, Burns-made optical encoder and OMRON-made high-reliable relay are controlled by micro controller, in order to make the shortest signal path and noiseless operation. Resume memory is equipped at power on/off sequence.
Global phase selector 
This function allows changing phase status, either normal or inverse. You can select optimum position to meet recorded medial conditions. Also, works for XLR output hot/cold change to meet your power amplifier.
Solid aluminum casing
Front panel is of 10mm, side 8mm, top and bottom 5mm thick solid aluminum by precision machining. Very rigid and robust body design supports amplifier circuit boards and power transformers. Cast iron foot insulators absorb unnecessary vibration.


         Line-level 3x RCA Unbalanced, 3x XLR Balanced
                      Maximum input signal level 8Vrms (XLR)
                      Input impedance 20KΩ (XLR and RCA)
OUTPUT:      1x RCA Unbalanced, 2x XLR Balanced
                      Output impedance 47Ω (XLR and RCA)
GAIN:            9.5dB
Frequency Response: 10Hz - 100kHz /1.5dB (RCA and XLR)
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD+N): XLR 0.0008% (10-90kHz)
                                                              RCA 0.001% (10-90kHz)
Signal to Noise Ratio: XLR 113dB (2Vrm, A-weighted)
                                      RCA 108dB (2Vrm, A-weighted)
Power Consumption:  60W, AC100V 50-60Hz, AC110-120V, or AC 220-240V
Size and Weight:          W 420 x D 360 x H 112mm, 10.2kg

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True balanced signal path. L/R independent monaural block construction in one chassis.




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