Garrard301usedGarrard 301 Turntable w/ Jelco TK-950L tonearm and Soundsmith Hyperion Mk. II CartridgeComplete and fully restored cream color Garrard 301 oil bearing Turntable with Woodsong Audio plinth.Over $13K invested!Includes the following:--Jelco TK-950L 12" Knife-Edge bearing tonearm--Sounds...10000.00

Garrard 301 Turntable w/ Jelco TK-950L tonearm and Soundsmith Hyperion Mk. II Cartridge [Expired]

no longer for sale

Complete and fully restored cream color Garrard 301 oil bearing Turntable with Woodsong Audio plinth.

Over $13K invested!

Includes the following:

--Jelco TK-950L 12" Knife-Edge bearing tonearm
--Soundsmith Hyperion Mk. II MC Cartridge w/ (125) Hours use (Soundsmith's best/top of the line and most current cartridge)
--Zu Event Phono 4' DIN-to-RCA Phono cable (Zu's top of the line cable)
--Original spare Garrard bearing

This Garrard 301 was purchased less than a year ago and was already in excellent condition. The previous owner fully restored by Classic Turntable Company (CTC) in England and also upgraded it with an aftermarket bearing and heavy gunmetal platter.

I had the table shipped directly to Woodsong Audio who built an absolutely gorgeous "Industrial" model plinth. The veneer is truly stunning and pictures do not do it justice, but a better representation can be found on Woodsong Audio's website.

The tonearm board is currently drilled out for the Jelco tonearm I have installed. Any "SME" type 12" tonearm should work in it's place, but additional tonearm boards can be ordered from Woodsong Audio.

Woodsong Audio completed maintenance to ensure the 'table was running perfectly. I have the paperwork for that if required and am happy to answer any questions.

The 'table also has a set of IsoAcoustics footers on the plinth (and yes, they do make a huge difference)

The Hyperion Mk. II cartridge,  Soundsmith's latest and Top-of-the-Line, was purchased as "new" with Full (10) Year warranty from an authorized Soundsmith dealer who put (25) Hours on the cart and I have put about another (100)+ Hours on the unit myself. 
The warranty may be transferable to the second owner, but I need to investigate. 

This cartridge is stunning and Soundsmith "Fixed Coil" approach is different than every other MC cartridge manufacturer. It is an absolute bargain in today's world of $10K cartridges. 
All all of Soundsmith's cartridges can be re-tipped for a very nominal cost.
I am also including a 4' Zu Event DIN-to-RCA phono cable.

Lastly, I had my tonearm and cartridge professionally aligned by Wally Engineering who came on-site to perform the work which included SRA verification w/ a high powered microscope.

During the tonearm/cartridge setup I acquired the WallyTractor Universal cartridge alignment tool which I will be including with this table.

This is a complete, turn-key 'table and one that was assembled with care and with a nod to the best of what analog has to offer. This is a 'table that will outlast it's owner if properly maintained, an heirloom setup.

I have all original packaging for the 'table, plinth, tonearm and cartridge and each would need to be shipped separately.

**In the interest of avoiding any hassles, I would prefer a local buyer from the SF Bay Area who can pick the table up as is. That said, I will reluctantly agree to part out the table/plinth/tonearm/cartridge and ship them separately but my preference is for this to go to one buyer "as is". Please reach out to me if you wish to purchase any of components separately**

I have more high resolution photos upon request

Don't miss out on what I believe is probably the best value out there for high performance 'tables.
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