High Fidelity CablesOrchestral "Double Helix Signature" XLR InterconnectsusedHigh Fidelity Cables Orchestral Double Helix Signature XLR Interconnects. RARE!Store Demo! Save 65% of list. These are the sound quality of UR Helix and signature cable Page wave guide and latest technology. Demo in excellent condition.These are in stock ready for immediate d...4956.00

High Fidelity Cables Orchestral Double Helix Signature XLR Interconnects. RARE! [Expired]

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Store Demo! Save 65% of list.

These are the sound quality of UR Helix and signature cable Page wave guide and latest technology. Demo in excellent condition.

These are in stock ready for immediate delivery.

As New Set Very nice demos Orchestral Double Helix Signature XLR Interconnects 1.5 meter. Excellent Condition. Warranty Transferable.  

Set from our review at Hi Fi Plus in UK fully cooked and broken in but expect some changes when it goes in your system. It will still take a few days to adjust.

Our XLR's are are extremely low impedance and a true “dual conductor design” unlike most XLR for very low noise. Can be used for any application “including digital”.

Orchestral Double Helix Signature is about 5 times as powerful as the acclaimed "CT-2 Signature" people are raving about. These are newer, bigger and better in every way! Simply stunning cables! It is not boasting if it is true and it is, simply read our reviews they are all an all out rave.. 

They feature several different patented technologies, Double Helix is a focusing system made to refine sound staging and imaging as well as control frequency extremes. Layers of music are inevitable. You will hear things you never heard before and that is a trade more of HFC.

Expect unbelievably clear and musical sound from these cables unlike anything in the market today.

These will be the best cable you own without question!  Unless you use our own UR DHS or Pro Series!

These are extremely nice cables with incredible sound look and feel very solid build no one does what we do. We care about every detail of our build and make sure every design and part we use is optimized for the ultimate sound.

Check out the HI-FI plus review on the lower line of Orchestral Helix this review verifies these are indeed absolute reference cables beyond anything in the market!  

They said it we didn’t… :-)

It far exceeds any audio cable made in clarity, musicality, dynamics, sound staging and imaging. Offers increased bass control, it is not hard or harsh sounding at all and offers about twice the resolution of high end audio wire/cable. 


About the technology:

This new Magnetic Conduction technology is a direct drop in replacement for your pre-existing high-end cables. Simply plug and play!

It is not cable but an advanced new technology that works off magnetism. 

The first technology to replace a wire or cable in 200 years! 

Yes it is patented and has received rave reviews as a great new technology for many years! This is the most advanced, and latest tech in this model we have beaten bay far everything done in this price range. Top cable from the top brands cannot compare regardless of price. We have heard and compared them all and so have reviewers!

This new technology works directly with audio or power signal itself. Works by manipulating the electromagnetic energy associated with all electrical transfer. 

It works by utilizing the energy responsible for signal transfer is known as induction or you may call it A/C. 

This technology reacts with each electron’s “dipole or magnetic moment that builds electricity. The dipole or magnetic moment is solely responsible for energy transmission in electricity that is what we call the wave that moves at near the speed of light. 

The effects of a dipole moment in each electron combine to form the “b-field”. A b-field is a magnetic field accompanying signal transmission and is the work horse if electricity. 

The electric behave as a magnet as they become magnetized in the process of making electricity and that is how they pass energy or signal.

Due to this action we can manipulate them with magnets and use them to transfer signal better than wire can. It changes the fundamentals, avoiding all sorts of distortions like skin effect and the poor impedance charters of wire and cable.  The entire length of this device is one big magnet.

Through this manipulation we can significantly reduce distortions and enhance signal transfer. Since the cable is a magnet, these devices do not operate as standard capper and silver based cables do and are not considered cables as a device as it does not fit the electrical model of a cable or wire.  

The direct result for audio and video playback is a much more realistic presentation. A sense dramatically increasing clarity and dynamics. Virtually every aspect of an audio system is drastically improved. These new devices represent the single largest breakthrough for audiophiles and have system transformation capabilities in even the most high end to even entry-level system. These are truly High Fidelity Cables!   

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